How a Girls Toilet Should Look in a Bar

I’m an in and out girl when it comes times to toilets, especially public ones.

I don’t feel the need to hang around on the toilet bowl, nor stand for hours at the mirror checking myself out after elbowing crowds of glamour chicks away.

I just want to do my business and get back to what I do best.

Drinking at the bar.

A toilet has to be good if it keeps me hanging around. Not just hanging around but going back for a couple of visits with my camera.

The Degree Restarant/ Bar at the Viaduct Harbour in Auckland was where we found ourselves for Monday Muscles dinner- a kilo of Mussels in the most divine spicy coconut cream sauce for only $13. Love it.

mussels at Degree bar Auckland

Divine mussels

I almost loved the girl’s toilet just as much.

Girl's toilet

Foxy Lady sign

ladies bathroom Degree bar Auckland

Ladies toilet degree bar Auckland

Love the Tower Eiffel

pretty woman sign

A reminder above the toilet

girls bar bathroom

Pampering time

Ladies toilet

Good energy if you want to hang around

Mojito bathroom door sign

Perfect sign for back of the door

degree bar Auckland

pamper in the ladies bathroom

Pamper yourself

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