Pregnancy and Birth Magazine Highlights the Superfood Effectiveness of Breastfeeding

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Say the word ‘Superfood” and I’m interested.

It caught my attention in the Pregnancy and Birth magazine that I sat reading on my couch after a day spent at my local Oyster Festival. A day I spent, yet again, contemplating giving up breastfeeding and going to the bottle full time.


“What’s in Your Breastmilk,” jumped out at me from the front cover of the magazine, as if it was a message sent from “Colostrum” the Breastfeeding God straight to me.

Breastmilk, is of course a superfood created by nature, tailored to your baby’s needs and providing them with everything they require to grow up healthy and strong.

Another one of those miracles of life.

When I read of how it has the right amount of fats, sugars, proteins, vitamins and minerals for my baby, it helped me to decide to remain committed to being the milk factory for the next 3 months.

The clincher in the article was really when it went on to explain the billions of antibodies present that help act as a line of defence against bacteria and viruses.

Breastfeeding is pretty cool actually and I love how parenting magazines are letting expectant mothers be aware of the great choice breastfeeding can be, although ultimately, the happiness and relaxed state of mind of the mother is what is essential.

I LOVE that my body can produce this amazing superfood to keep Savannah healthy and help her thrive. It helps to get me through the constant demands and drain that breastfeeding places upon me.

Now that the decision had been made to stick with breastfeeding, for at least another month or more, I could comfortably put my feet up and turn my attention to some of the other great articles in the magazine.

I found a great recipe that was featured in their regular food and recipe section ‘Green bean, haloumi and potato salad with olives.’ I am a sucker for haloumi and this seems like a pretty easy salad to make.

And for a minute there, I thought they had written an article for Kalyra with their quick quiz on “Are you turning into a diva?

Um, she doesn’t need a quiz for that, the answer is I was born a diva.

As far as pregnancy magazines go, this one is pretty good to read. Even though I am no longer pregnant, I learned quite a bit of relevant information I can apply now.

I tell you though, the jade green dress that the super gorgeous mum on the front cover is wearing, is kinda making me wish I was pregnant again.

If only I could have looked like that when I was pregnant.

Actually, if only I could look that good now!!

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