Hair Romance

Why is it that some days your hair has a mind of its own and no matter how much spit and polish you put in it, it will look like a bird laid a nest in half of it and tried to fly off with the other half?

And then other days you barely have to touch it and it looks like it belongs on the cover of the latest glossy mag.

I don’t know what I did this morning but my hair just went right, and it rarely does that.

I love getting it styled at the hairdressers, but then I hate it, as no matter how hard I observe, I can never recreate THE LOOK.

Wedding hair romance

Wedding hair romance styled by hair dresser

At the recent Problogger Conference, I heard a blogger, Christina, talk on a panel about her blog’s success.

Hair Romance

I couldn’t imagine how you could keep up a blog on hair. What could you possibly continually write about?

Christina does it and with class. I think she just might be able to help me perfect some locks and have me fall in love with hair. Like I have this morning.

Just goes to show you really can blog about anything, especially how good or crappy your hair can look.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What's the romance like with your hair?

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  • kirri

    A few years ago I could have blogged endlessly about my hair affair….It has given me years of torment – too fine, neither perfectly straight nor able to curl without effort. Fortunately I decided just to keep doing what I have always done….embrace the pony tail 🙂


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