New Zealand at Last

Having Craig in New Zealand for two weeks nearly killed me.

It wasn’t just the fact that I was at home managing a newborn and toddler on my own, it was that he was over there living part of our dream adventure, without me.

I won’t lie, I wanted to throw a spear at him with each new status update and blog post that came out sharing the amazing time he was having in New Zealand following the rugby and doing all these amazing things. I think I hated him for the whole time he was away.

I knew that I should have been there too as it was something I had worked so hard for.

But, alas, I was the one pushing him out the door to go as it was too good of an opportunity to miss.

The pain of missing out has been for something. Actually many good things have come from it.

One being is that now I get go to New Zealand.

New Zealand

Beautiful New Zealand

New Zealand at last!

A country whose beauty I have heard of for so many years. A country whose people I have had a lot of interaction with in my own country and on my travels; my sister in-law is a Kiwi and I have never even set foot on her home soil.

Finally, after years of wanting I am going.

We are going.

This time Craig, me, Kalrya and Savannah are all going. No family separation.

We leave on Thursday for 5 days.

Tourism New Zealand have asked us to come over to speak at the Australian Travel Writer’s Convention that is being held in Rotorua. We are going to speak about  blogging and the Great Crusade experience.

I’m actually blown away by life. Several years ago, I sat and closed the book on my dream because I thought my writing was crap and no one would ever want to read it, and this weekend I am going to be talking to a room full of professional writers about writing. WTF?

Do not give your inner demons any attention!

While we are there, Tourism New Zealand are going to take us on a tour of Rotorua and areas in and around Auckland. We are gong to be experience more of the family style activities so we can highlight that on our blog and enjoy the adventure with our girls. There will be no sky diving, but there will be wine tasting. Joy!

Kalyra is just as delighted as me to be going to that place that stole Daddy away for two weeks. Now we can see what all the fuss is about.

The only thing that concerns me is how relentless they may be in regard to their recent World Cup win and reminding us how woeful we were.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Is there anything you would like to know about New Zealand that I can report on for you?

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  • fotoeins | Henry

    Have a great time in New Zealand – I’m looking forward to reading your impressions of NZ!


    • Caz

      Thanks Henry! I can’t wait to see it


  • Hannah DeMilta

    That’s awesome Caz — glad you get to steal away some time with the fam. I’m taking my family to the South Island for a few days when they visit here over Christmas. We’re going to take the family approach as well. Mum already declared she isn’t “rolling down the hill in a hamster balls” aka Zorbing — like I did last time in Rotorua!


    • Caz

      I’d love to try Zorbing. May have to do it since we’ll be in Rotorua! You’ll have a great time with your family!


  • Lisa Wood

    Oh there is so it a great place for families to travel to? What is the food like? Is it like our climate? What area in New Zealand is the best place to travel to? Is there transport or do you need to hire a car? Can you stay at back packers with family or best to stay in Hotels? Is there parks for kids (great parks)….oh I could go on and on with the questions!!!

    Have the best time.



    • Caz

      I will see if I can gather as much info on all of this as I can! Kalyra is beside herself with excitement


  • Christine

    Congratulations Caz! Loving the snowball effect of your success and getting to follow your and your family’s adventures!


    • Caz

      Thanks Christine! It’s all exciting stuff. I’m so glad the girls get to enjoy the benefits as well.


  • Jacquie

    That’s so exciting! Hope you all have a great time & so pleased you all get to go this time. Looking forward to reading all about it when you are back 🙂


    • Caz

      Thanks so much Jacquie. We’ll be busy but it will be fun!


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