The Kidspot Top 50 bloggers Launch

Today, I felt like I opened the door to the rabbit hole and entered a whole new world of surprises and bizarre happenings. I felt exhilarated, but extremely intimidated and overwhelmed as well.

It is one thing for me to be a travel blogger. Travel has been my life since I turned 21. I know the culture extremely well and I am so comfortable “hanging” out with other travellers and those in the industry. It’s where I feel most comfortable and confident to be myself.

But, to now enter into this slightly foreign world of mummy blogging is thrilling in its ability to terrify me. The world of women, powerful women, women who really inspire and are doing wonderful things with their words in order to make a difference to others.

I’ve wanted to do this for so long, but now I am here, feeling like a baby zebra separated from the herd.

Being present at the Kidspot Top 50 bloggers launch party tonight and meeting all these fabulous women who are doing amazing things made me feel so incredibly grateful for being included in the list, and feeling like I have such a long way to go.

I hear their stories, read their writing and their inspiring words and think how can I ever compare or compete. Dwelling on these thoughts too long suffocates me.

I remember the philosophy that lives inside my heart,

“We don’t need to compete with each other; co-operation is far more powerful.”

When you try to compare yourself to others you will either be left feeling inadequate or arrogant; neither contribute positively to our lives.

I will never compare to these other ladies; I am different, as are they. We each have our own unique way of making a difference and it is up to us to individually let our light shine. I just need to focus on doing what I am good at doing and hopefully great things will come from that, alongside the great things that come along for others doing what makes them great.

It took me a little while to get over my nervousness, which was aided by the warmth and friendliness shown by the Kidspot hosts for the evening and some new mummy blogging friends I have now made. Blogging is always attached to amazing communities. We have created some wonderful ones over in our travel niche and now I can do the same here. Joy.

Being able to caress and sit in the luxurious cream leather seats of the Ford Territory that will be given to the winner of the competition sent me a huge boost of motivation to step up and beyond that level of comfort that will just entrap me in complacency if I let the fear of it overwhelm me.

By the end of the canapes and orange juice for my pregnant self, I felt relaxed and content. I really enjoyed talking with the lovely ladies I met and wish I had a chance to speak to more.

I am now left feeling absolutely delighted to be part of the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers for 2011. My dreams, although seem far away, are much much closer than they were yesterday.

I hope that all the other ladies who are included in the list feel the same level of satisfaction and joy to know that all their hard work , the bearing of their souls, and the many sacrifices made along the way are all completely worth it.

Kidspot Top 50 bloggers

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    • Caz

      It really was. So great to meet you Michelle.


  • MultipleMum

    Caz – It was so great to meet you last night (and now to find your lovely blog). I love the sentiment of this post. I can’t seem to get into blogger today so am frustrated that I can’t add my thoughts on last night’s event to your own! I look forward to browsing around your blog x


    • Caz

      Hey!! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been looking at your site all morning between chores. I love it! It was really great meeting you and your family last night. I think it’s so cool you all do this together. Hope you can get into blogger soon, I can’t wait to read your thoughts.


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