Sacred Step 3: Follow the voice to the opportunities

There is a huge level of trust needed when working to create the life your soul yearns for.

The journey will take you on uncomfortable paths filled with brambles and weeds. Your mind, a natural control freak, doesn’t understand, and tries to reason with you

“Weren’t we doing just fine on the comfy couch? It’s too scary out here. Go back, you’re just not good enough.”

It’s not about your logical mind and the fear it generates. It’s about the inner knowing of your soul and how it works with Universal Magic to breathe life into that yearning.

You have to trust and walk each step that guides you.

How do you know what that guiding voice is?

The nudges and clear callings come from deep within your soul. It’s the stong, yet gentle voice that tells you to walk right, pick up the phone, speak to that stranger in the corner, or just start a blog.

I noticed it when I first begged for a change to a life that mattered. My commitment was followed by a strong voice that drowned out the fear.

Write that book. Start that travel blog. Move back to Australia.

They were nudges that I didn’t understand, or were afraid to follow, but that voice would not let me say no.

Follow the voice even when it breaks your heart

Sometimes stepping forth into those opportunities will break your heart.

Craig and I didn’t want to move back to Australia from the States. It did affect our lives in several negative ways.

Raleigh is the only place in the world that feels like it has the roots of a permanent home. I cried for many days and nights over the feelings of failure and loss.

But, when the voice told me to return to Australia, I knew this was a chance for us to change our life, and step into that sacredness we yearned for.

I was determined to make the most of the opportunity else I’d never be able to live with the regret of the painful life we’d created.

The opportunities open up

We moved back to Australia at a time when blogging was just starting to take off and there were few travel bloggers. We started travel blogging with 14 years of travel experience behind us, so arrived with a lot of authority.

We hit it with intensity, quickly finding our voice, creating a community and establishing our credibility. The dream literally kept us awake at night.

dreams are not for sleeping

We got noticed quickly in the Australian blogging (and global) world and rose to the top.


Doors kept opening and we kept stepping through them. We showed up when others didn’t. We said yes over and over again. If we could see that the opportunity would lead us to our eventual goal and vision, we participated, even if it meant I was five months pregnant and networking until 1am, or attending meetings with my 3-week old baby.

The yesses brought a lot of sacrifices, hard work, and intense learning. But, all of this contributed to us living the life we dream of right now.

It’s why when someone wants to tell me how lucky I am I have to restrain myself from bursting into a tirade.

It’s not luck, it’s wanting it so badly you can’t sleep, and then just doing whatever it takes. It’s just following the nudges and stepping into them as fearlessly as you can.

You’ll see in my upcoming book Step into your Sacredness: 12 principles for creating the life your soul yearns for, I don’t believe in luck.

Good luck quote

Our success came because our commitment and opening up the space for the dream to align with reality. Commit and prepare yourself for the luck.

When you do that Universal magic steps into meet you and brings that dream racing along at the speed of Michael Shumaker on the home straight.

P.S For more inspiration and tips on living a soulful life check out my ebook

Your Turn to Share Tips:

How are you following the nudges and stepping into the opportunities?

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  • karla

    Hi Caz, I’ve been following your blog for awhile but have found your writing particularly inspiring the last few months. I don’t know if its a change in your writing or maybe it’s a change in me that’s made me really connect with what you are writing! Either way, I REALLY look forward to your posts. I’m a mum of 2 who recently convinced my husband to leave our beautiful life on the Gold Coast to return to my hometown because I swear there was a strong voice deep inside telling me it was the only way I could focus on creating my business I’ve been dreaming of for years. My heart aches for the beautiful simple life we had but also so excited to have the headspace to create my dream. Anyway, a big fan:)


    • Caz Makepeace

      Oh Karla that has made me so happy. Thank you for jumping out to let me know. I really appreciate it. I’m so excited for you to have made such a positive change– one that your heart is calling you to do. It’s always leading you to the right path, even when we don’t understand, or particularly like it. We can’t see the greater picture, but something else can.
      I think my writing has changed a lot. I’ve been mulling over the direction of this site for awhile and didn’t have much energy for it, but after a lot of questioning and patience and clarity from B-School, I managed to dig deep enough to find out what I wanted to do with it. The Universe keeps guiding me down this path. You’re the second person in a week who has said almost the same thing to me, so I think it’s probably more me than you, although I’m sure your vibrancy is really tuned into it now.
      Keep me updated with how it all goes for you. I’m so excited for you.


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