13 steps to making your dreams a reality

Being successful and creating your dream life is not as difficult as you may think. It’s not something reserved for a select chosen few: you know the ones that are smarter, prettier, and luckier than you.

There are many specific steps you can follow to have massive success in any area of your life: you can narrow it down to business, love, career, and passion projects.

Marie Forleo is sharing her 13 steps for killin it online- philosophies for sustainable and soulful success in today’s free training video That’s what I loved so much about her course, it’s bringing business back to a soul level depth. Do what you love, serve with passion and make a difference, while making money.

It’s about following a few simple steps, or principles, as I call them in my upcoming eBook: Step into your sacredness: 12 principles for living the life you soul yearns for.

I thought I’d share with you the 12 principles that will help you live your sacredness + a bonus one, (which will actually be included with the eBook as a bonus report.)

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know this is the one that rocks my soul the most.

13 Steps to making your dreams a reality

1. Choose to be responsible for your thoughts and actions

You cannot change what you aren’t aware of or know you have control of. We create our experiences every day based upon our thoughts and actions. Are you choosing to be in control of them or controlled by them?

2. Follow your inner flame

What lies deep within your heart? What are the nudges and intense yearnings you feel? You don’t have to understand them, you just have to follow them. You feel it because the Universe intended for you to live it.

3. Get clear on your why

Why do you want to follow a goal or live in a particular way? It’s not about the money, it’s about something deeper it can give you. Is it freedom, security, a sense of contribution? Your why is the fuel that will keep you climbing over all obstacles.

4. Say yes to the dreams + to the sacrifices

It’s amazing how many people want their dream life to become reality, yet they never say yes to it. Saying yes, commits yourself to the goal and makes a promise that you’ll do whatever it takes. You cannot say yes to the dream without saying yes to the sacrifices as well. Know what they are and be okay with making them- it’s all leading you to a better place.

5. Make it your magnificent obsession

You gotta live and breathe it, not just in your reality, but in your night and day dreams too.

6. Learn continually

Learning aids evolution. It’s the only way to thrive. Learn the skills you need to have the life you want, and learn from those who are where you want to be. You have to commit to investing in your education and growth.

7. Honour the sacred gift and own the servant

Your sacred gift sits in the voice of your gut and your intuition. Too often we ignore this to honour the servant- the egotistical mind who loves to instil fear in your heart and lead you down soulless paths. Time to switch it around. Learn how to control your mind and listen to your gut.

8. Hang around people who celebrate you

Too often we give time and energy to those people who just tolerate who we are. Their negativity and put downs are a drag on our energy and don’t help us to move forward. Make the switch to who you associate with, because as they say, you are who you hang around.

9. Take action daily

Meditating on a mountain top can be powerful, but it still ain’t going to be enough to bring you what you want. You have to meet it halfway.

10. Be a dreamer fool

I love this one, and I think I’m going to call my private mentoring group, “The Dreamer Fools.” Dreamer fools go out in the world where it is not safe and claim their dreams. They take the risks and reap the rewards.

11. Stand on the shoulders of giants

Success cannot come from your efforts alone. It is often brought faster by the people whose help we enlist. It’s all about building relationships. This has been the most enjoyable aspect of my business, and I have made so many valuable and super fun connections.

12. Share your sacred self

No longer shall you hide who you are. You were born sacred with something special only you can contribute. In my eBook, I share a powerful story in which I discovered the importance of sharing our sacredness and put me on the path to living this life my soul yearned for.

13. Tap into Universal magic

I’ll have a whole bonus report on this for my eBook, sharing 3 ways in which you can easily tap into Universal magic to bring your dreams racing towards you at the speed of light.

Go check out Marie’s video now and hear her 13 steps to killin it online and download the interactive Fun Sheet here. You can adopt and use right now.

She also shares how to be profitable making a positive impact and the number 1 skill every business owner needs to have—this is the biggest thing Marie taught me, and she taught me to LOVE it, whereas before I thought it was pretty stinky and I was scared of it.

It’s because of this one thing that I’ve now embraced sharing my sacred self. As Marie likes to say, the world needs you to share that special something only you can contribute. It’s so important for your soul to create work each day that you get paid for and that uplifts and helps others.


This series is completely free as Marie gets ready to open B-School. Don’t forget, I’ll be opening a private mentoring group for those who sign up under my affiliate link. Details will be given Feb 19th and one of the bonuses will be my Step into your Sacredness EBook, where you’ll get more in-depth stories, tips, and action steps on the above 13 steps.

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