Gratitude and happiness

My new site design

Does it rock or not?

I’m so loving my new design. You can see the striking difference between my design skills and that of a professional, which is why I no longer bother.

We’ve set a date!

Last night we sat down and got real about our upcoming road trip around Australia. The night before I was freaking out that it was six weeks away and we hadn’t planned anything.

We’d been waiting back to hear from a few people and instead of relying on them, decided to just go ahead and do it. We created our back up plans in case everything fails. We’re pretty certain this is going to work and be awesome. We feel safe with our plans and so will be leaving Sept 30th. First stop Wollongong.

Now we have a lot to do in preparation.

My Dad was on The Project

I’m very proud of my Dad. He has just finished his over 70’s Ashes cricket tour of England. He’s arriving home today. After watching depressing news stories washing in one after the other I was delighted to watch this inspiring story on The Project. I don’t know why news can’t be about stories like this. So many people of all ages doing amazing things.

Just watch it, you’ll feel hope for the years that most people consider belong to having one foot in the grave.

Fast FWD to 28.40 mins My Dad has the snowy white hair and can be seen in the background bowling and batting. My Mum is sitting in the middle of the two cricketing wives that get interviewed. She is really shy and I could see the terror on her face that she’d have to speak.

God bless them. No wonder I believe so much in the power of living from your heart and soul.

Win $250 voucher

Echoes Boutique Resort KatoombaWe had the most amazing Blue Mountain getaway a couple of weeks ago. I can’t believe I have never been before, it is such a beautiful area and so spiritual.

Head over here to win a $250 voucher from and treat yourself with a relaxing break.

Australian winter

OMG. I am loving this weather we are having. How superb is it? We’ve been getting lots of beach time in. I wrote a letter to Australia expressing my gratitude

Song of the week: Counting Stars One Republic

I love this song. So unique and get up and dance

Spotify finds

I’m just loving Spotify so much that I have to include my latest finds. Please link to your faves below in the comments.

Lee Dewyze I loved him on American Idol and loves this stumble upon. Love the acoustic version of this album

Spotify recommended I listen to Ben Howard because I listened to John Butler Trio. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I feel about this guy like I do about Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and John Butler. A soul speaker


Working on the crew of Survivor Amazon by Lash World Tour I enjoyed reading this behind the scenes look at, what used to be, one of my fave shows.

Why we need nomads by Vanessa Runs  Here’s why I love being a nomad.

Life priorities by Chris Guillebeau Definitely working on this a lot more.

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  • Naomi

    My new favorite blogs are ones that feature music …. so you’ve just bumped yourself to the top of the list, lady!

    Loving the Ben Howard choice!!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Isn’t he just fantastic!! I’ve got some music stuff coming. It has always been my dream to be a rock star and since it will never happen, I just embrace it in my heart instead.


  • Vanessa

    Thank you for those last three links – loved reading all three!


  • Steve

    I’m loving this. New design and posts like this full of positivity. I can’t wait to read about your Australian road trip. Here’s to another great week!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thank you Steve!! Looking forward to catching up with you when we pass through Melbourne!


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