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I believe so much in the power of gratitude. It makes you feel good which in turns brings so much goodness into your life.

I’ve been mad at myself a lot lately. I’ve become too “busy” to be grateful. What is that? I realized the other day I stopped my evening ritual where I give thanks for all the good that came into my life that day. I stopped my morning ritual where the first thing I do is give thanks.


Because I had too many other pressing needs that had to come first. Boy do I notice the difference. I am missing so much gratitude and happiness. I miss it naturally being there, I miss actively searching for it, I miss the positive impact.

If you managed to catch my last post, you will know I have been struggling lately. There is a lot going on for me right now–a very turbulent ride. But don’t fear I am strong enough to hold on steady–it’s just a cleansing process.

But, I have totally missed the gratitude focus.

Time to bring it back to what is real.

SO much gratitude for:

My family

When I say my family, I include Craig’s in that definition. Family is your rock. They really are all you can depend on. It’s a shame it takes us so long to realize it. These days they are totally who I care about and think of the most.

My ability to serve

I really get the shits with the continual merry go round “discussions” that are had around the net, particularly in travel blogging circuits about bloggers “selling out” or being dishonest for taking free trips. I love it, not because I get the free trips but because I understand that my position means I can really help people.

I love I can introduce travellers to experiences that will help them have an amazing travel experience and create life long memories. And I love how I can share what the incredible businesses that ordinary people do based on their passions. I have met so many tourism operators who have turned a passion into a business and most don’t make a lot of money, they just do it because they love to share. And I love to share that with others. It makes the hours of work without pay so worthwhile.

My amazing online community

Both here and on y travel blog. Those  have met in real life and those I am still awaiting the pleasure I can’t begin to express how normal you make me feel. Thank you for allowing me to be me.


Hazards Beach Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania (25)

Hazards Beach Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania

Did I say this in the last gratitude post? I am head over heels in love with Tasmania. I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s stunning and classy and I don’t know why anyone ever referred to her as the land of two heads. WTF?

11 years married

Craig and I have survived another year of marriage, bringing it to 11. There’s many days he drives me insane, but mostly I adore him and think I am the luckiest lady in the world. You can read more of my thoughts on how travel can strengthen a marriage.

3 years blogging

April is a massive month of anniversaries for me. This week sees us blogging for 3 years. It really does feel like a lot longer. I’m learning every day and wish I did so many things differently, but I am so grateful that I stepped into this crazy world. It’s given me the life of my dreams.

Good finds

30 Day Self Care blueprint

The lovely Kirri White’s Self Care blueprint course is back this time featuring some interviews with inspirational women. This course will help you tap into your personal truth, understand your priorities and values, and formulate your own personal self-care plan. Check it out here

Simple Green Smoothies

I loved discovering this site this week. Great recipes and I am keen to join in on their smoothie challenge, albeit a little late, this week. Discover more here

What I’m reading

My life is like a game: a metaphor by Kim from Working Women Australia

What’s in my fridge? by Kris Carr some healthy inspiration

Life is not one giant positive affirmation Love this post by Kathy at Yin Yang mother. A great perspective on the negative stuff in our lives.

Song of the week: Let her Go by the Passenger

I love this song about not realizing what we have got until its gone. Bringing it back to gratitude.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What's your gratitude and happiness for the week?

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