The new LG Optimus G smartphone review and giveaway

I was excited to try the new LG Optimus G smartphone. (LG gave me an Optimus G to test and review)

Lg Optimus g review

Sleek and modern

I have a HTC phone which is simply awful and severely impacts upon my ability to run my business. I was definitely looking for something that could offer me a much better mobile experience.

I wasn’t at all keen on the iphones. I am just not into their whole sect. I love the android system because it feels more like an open marketplace and I am not locked in to anyone system and way of doing things. I also am really disgruntled with apple after shutting down our podcast for no reason or warning on iTunes (Yeah 12,000 downloads per episode wiped out with one apple mistake)

So I was really ready to have a phone in my hand that had all the modern features, plus more.

I sat with the rep for LG and grilled him on the functions of the phone. I told him, I really need a phone that has good battery life as my business is highly mobile and I am tired of having to charge my phone every couple of hours. I also need something with a good camera as we’re travel bloggers and photos on the go are important.”

Into the features he went as he explained how the Optimus G would suit my needs.

The camera

Optimus LG camera

Taken from the phone

13 mgps and really cool functions. What I loved was the cheeze factor. Yes, you can actually say cheese and the phone will take the photo– no need for camera shake or two hands. Great for your selfies.

There’s also the function so you don’t miss a shot. When you switch on the Time Catch Shot, it takes several photos before and after the shutter release so you can go back and choose the right photo just in case you miss something. We tested it out on the cocktails below and managed to nab the moment when the drink hit the glass.

I have been using the camera to take photos on my T-QUAL Tick race and I tell you the quality of them are so much better than on my last photo. My instagram shots are looking so good now. (Yep the phone has reverted me back to instagram) It’s still not fantastic in low lights, but what small phone camera is?

The battery

Now the LG rep explained all the tech terms to me about the battery. He was talking to me about how they have an engine technology team at LG and a screen division so with this phone they have been able to bring the best experts from both to create a magic phone. It made a lot of sense to me. We’ve been using LG electrical products for years so know they are of high quality.

There’s a lot of functions on the phone, like eco button and power saver, to extend the battery life during the day.

I am a heavy phone user, especially when I am on social media driven trips like the T-QUAL Tick Race. I was impressed with the battery. It seemed to outlast the iPhone users. I got through almost a whole day of heavy use before needing to recharge it. With my HTC I’d be lucky to make 2 hours.


LG Optimus G

Quick memo function. Photo taken using Time Catch

The LG Optimus G has some really cool multi-tasking functions which all of us women at the launch totally loved. The QSlide function enables you to work on different windows at the same time and the QuickMemo function allows you to take notes which you can then overlay onto other screens. Very handy when you need to write down and remember a phone number or hash tag.

Of course there are a range of other cool features and latest and greatest gadgets, but for me these are the ones I love and get the most use out of.

The feel

I love the size and weight of the phone. The bigger screen makes mobile usage so much clearer and easier and the phone is really light. I really feel like I have stepped back to the dinosaur ages when I pick up my old phone now. I really hate it and lunge straight back to the Optimus G

The screen

Optimus G uses an integrated touch panel (Zero-gap touch).  This means that the touch panel and LCD are integrated as one unit and means there are less layers under the glass, which allows LG to:

1.       Make the device thinner
2.       Enhance touch responsiveness
3.       Provide true to life colour and brightness
4.       Reduced glare when outdoors in the sun

I definitely noticed a difference with the screen. But with that comes a major caveat.

Warning: Protect your phones from falls

ENSURE you get a phone cover before you start using the phone. I didn’t and I dropped the phone. It was not from a great height and was a small plop really. The crack on the phone was barely even visible. At first I thought it was a strand of hair or a very thin scratch. The only thing that alerted me to it being a problem was that I could no longer use the screen. Because of the zero-gap touch a crack will mean the phone can’t be used.

For a hard-wearing travel blogger user I didn’t like this at all, but of course I take responsibility for being an idiot for not having a cover and dropping the phone. As long as you protect yourself by doing this you shouldn’t have any problems. Since getting it fixed I have a cover and it has dropped since and all is fine. I have flap cover which makes me feel more secure.


I really love the LG Optimus phone. It has all the features I need to successfully do my job on the road. It’s fast, sexy, modern and sleek with a huge amount of innovate features.

The LG Optimus G Giveaway

I don’t like to receive free products unless I can arrange one for you. I have an LG Optimus G phone (worth around $600) to give away. (See more about the phone here)

All you need to do is answer the question in the form below:

What feature do you love most about the LG Optimus phone and how would it help your life?

Fill out my online form.

Terms and Conditions

1. Only open those with an Australian postal address
2. The giveaway is a game of skill. Entries will be judged based on originality and creativity
3. The giveaway opens on 16th April at 9am AEST and closes 23rd April at 10pm AEST
4. Entries are judged by independent third parties
5. There will be 1 winner receiving a LG Optimus G Smartphone

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  • Joseph Cook

    I too have dropped my LG OG phone exactly how you discribed. Can you tell me where you got it repaired and also where you found a flip cover?


    • Caz Makepeace

      I sent it to LG to get repaired–it will cost. And I brought a cover at the Telstra store at Sydney airport. Avoid going there though as it will cost you more!! Any Telstra store should sell them now as they have been out for awhile and Telstra is the provider.


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