How to Break up with Coffee

how to break up with coffee

To some this sounds like a fate worse than breaking up with sleep. And most mothers have done this, which is why we are so reliant on the black stuff, or creamy white depending on how you have it.

I understand, I am addicted to coffee.

I can go weeks without drinking it and feel fabulous, but then my mind starts telling me how much I need it for whatever reason: stress, boredom, or social pleasure, and I’m back brewing a cup.

Before I know it one a week turns to two and then creeps up to one a day. I almost had two the other day, but caught myself before I did.

I do love a cup of coffee. I find it a pleasurable and relaxing experience.

Which is vital for me to know.

It is all about paying attention to WHY you continue to reach for that habit. What need is it filling?

You know coffee is not all that bad, studies keep coming out how it’s good for you and then studies come out that it is not. Who do you believe?

Your body.

Listen to how it makes your body feel and then you shall know whether to cut it for good, keep it in small amounts, or continue to throw down 1o a day (Just make sure you have your sticky Spiderman shoes on because you WILL be bouncing off the walls).

I know that I can’t have a coffee after 2pm, or I’ll be awake all night. I also know that it doesn’t make my inner self feel light and refreshed. So I know I have to cut back on how much I drink.

I am not going to send my body into shock by denying it coffee for the rest of my life. I know that won’t work. One of my highest values in life is fun. Not a great value to have if you have an addictive personality.

I think I am pretty good at controlling my addictions (except for travel) and I know when to apply the brakes.

Coffee is a social thing for me and I don’t ever want to remove social from my life, but I can mix it up by substituting a coffee here and there with a tea or a nourishing juice. (ahem or a glass of wine)

Tips on How to Break up With Coffee

Take it Slow

You are kidding yourself if you think you can stop a habit straight away.

The intention should be to create a new habit. Habits take a while to form. So your new habit should be making conscious health decisions-not denial– but choices that move you towards optimal health.

Don’t send your body into shock, take it slowly. Decide to make one new choice a day, or week. Evaluate how many cups you have a day and scale it back one. After a week take it back another.

Once you are down to 1 cup a day then reduce the amount you have per work until you are either coffee dry or at a level you feel is optimal for your health.

Substitute with Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea is a great substitute for coffee.

The taste is very similar and it is a healthy option. The roasted dandelion root helps to fight infections has a high density of vitamins and minerals and can cleanse your liver.

Reach for the Coconut Water Instead

I have a stack of coconuts sitting in my fridge.

They are so great for re-hydration and energy, and they give me so much pleasure–perfect for reducing the coffee urge. After you have some coconut water you will not care about coffee.

Exercise for an Energy Hit

The urge for coffee was overwhelming the other day, so I decided to take my focus off it by exercising. By the end of the 30 mins, I felt rejuvenated with a surge of energy, which mean coffee craving gone.

Just five minutes more or wait until

Tell yourself to wait five more minutes and then make yourself really busy so you forget, or the craving has had time to leave your body because your focus is not on it.

The Universe will conspire to help you as well. I had to drive to Newcastle the other week. I was determined to get a coffee for the drive, but the traffic was so bad that it kept diverting me from the cafe. I was running out of time so ditched the coffee.

“I’ll wait until I reach the twin servos on the highway.”

We reached the servos, Savannah was asleep so I continued on. Before I knew it I was at Raymond Terrace and had forgotten about coffee. I drove perfectly fine without droopy eyes, so realized I didn’t even need it after all that.

Focus on how good it feels

What we focus on we get more of.

If you focus on those good feelings of power and wellness then you’ll start searching for more of that. You’ll make better decisions and say no to coffee and yes to water and goodness more.

Don’t write posts like these

Because then all you want to do is have a coffee and now I have to really focus on all of the above.

Exercise time perhaps?

If you keep following these tips before you know it you will have broken your love affair with coffee or just made him one of those friends with limited benefits.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Have you broken up with coffee?
How did you do it?
What tips can you offer us coffee addicts?

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  • Joy

    Great tips! I’ve noticed coffee makes my heart beat a bit harder sometimes. Not every beat so it’s a bit discerning sometimes. When I get the caffeine out of my system it’s better. The way I have tried to ease it out of my life is by drinking decaf or just having a smaller amount in the morning – maybe even watered down. I know that I don’t NEED it. For it’s purely psychological but it’s still very comforting. I also started juicing in the morning and that is fantastic. I put the juice in a mug and it makes me feel so much more awake then coffee ever does. I haven’t tried dandelion tea. I’ll have to buy some this weekend. 🙂


    • Caz Makepeace

      Juicing is a great way to get rid of the coffee. I have either a green juice or smoothie of a morning and it gives me such a clean burst of energy. I love it.


  • kirri White

    As you know Caz, I’m quite partial to my one cup a day habit and not likely to give it up any time soon.

    I never have more than one cup and it is a pleasure ritual for me. I have heard that it protects the brain from decline and is full of antioxidants which is reassuring. What are the negative effects?


    • Caz Makepeace

      This is great to hear. I think because it is a stimulant it can cause all sorts of health issues. It tends to make me feel dehydrated and less clean on the inside. Happy about the brain thing though! I actually drink green coffee at home because it is high in antioxidants so I don’t feel so bad when I drink it


  • Christine

    I actually just started seeing an acupuncturist and herbalist and she recommended to quit coffee–it’s been a rough week, but I’m fully committed to getting healed. Lots of herbal tea during the week–although I had a latte as a treat yesterday and I properly enjoyed it, instead of just relying on black coffee as a morning pick-me-up. It’ll take some time, but I think it will be fully worth it in the long run!


    • Caz Makepeace

      It’s so hard. I’ve been going back and forth between having it and then not. The dandelion tea is really helping. I was down to about 3 a week, but lately, due to rising stress levels I’m back at one a day!!

      Keep pushing through. It will be worth it.


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