Mojo Magic Tip: Stand up for your worth

Have you ever noticed how often in life you just settle?

Settle for the car that putters down the road and refuses to start on a cold morning. Settle for the clothes that are more than worn and holey. Or that $20 blender that sounds like it is going to blow as it struggles to chomp up ice?

The list goes on and on.

Each time we continue to just make do, we are sending out a clear sign to the Universe that we don’t feel we are worthy. We are not standing up for our own worth and saying

“I deserve better than this.”

stand up for your worth


To recognize that you actually do can sometimes take years and months.

I have only recently started saying,

Not good enough. I deserve better.”

If only you saw our beat up old car 12 months ago. Thank God I stood up for myself and said I deserved something that did not have to visit the mechanics every couple of months.

I know a lot of the time we “settle” because it is a financial issue. We have the less than products because we can’t afford more so we have to make do.

GOD I understand this!! I’ve been a backpacker all my life; I get the getting by on little money.

BUT, you can start today simply by saying,

“No I deserve more.”

Here are some simple steps to follow to let the Universe clearly see you deserve better. You deserve things that work and make you feel good.

Write a list

Write a list of the things you will no longer tolerate in your life. And then turn them into empowering statements.

I will no longer tolerate a crappy blender that doesn’t work—> I am valuable and worthy and deserve the most powerful ice crunching blender.

Get rid of all the broken stuff

How many pieces of jewellery do you have lying broken in your drawers? Get rid of them!! Why are you keeping them? You’ll never fix them and you deserve to have jewellery that is beautiful and whole.

Go through your home. What else is lying around broken? Trash it. Broken objects leave a negative, stale energy–this won’t help bring better things into your world.

Buy one nice thing a month

Make an effort to change your life by buying one really nice thing a month. I have been doing more of that this past year.

I’ve been buying prettier dresses and things that make me feel worthy. When you go from wearing clothes that are tattered and worn, to bright and stylish you feel amazing, and that feeling brings more to you.

Feel your desire

You gotta feel worthy. What is it in your life that makes you feel the most powerful and valuable?

Tap into that feeling daily and as you are in that state, think of all the things in your life you want that show how deserving you are. Picture yourself driving around in that car that is NOT a bomb.

Practice this daily and watch how these things begin to appear.

Stand up for your worth to others

Often it is not just things that reflect our lack of worth but the people we associate with.

Cut ties with those who do not celebrate you. Show the Universe that you are worth being surrounded by supportive, encouraging, kind and loving people.

State loudly that you won’t tolerate it anymore

There is so much conviction that comes with a voice that is spoken assertively. Find a quiet space to do this.(I did this the other day as I was driving alone.)

I was fed up with certain things happening and stated very loudly and clearly that I had had it, and I was no longer going to tolerate this bullshit. I exclaimed at how much I deserved more and why. And then proceeded to list all the things I intended to create that I deserved.

I felt fantastic after. So much clearer and stronger, and great things started happening almost straight away.

Stand up for yourself and be forceful about it in your own quiet space. You do deserve more and if someone else is, then why not you?

Your Turn to Share Tips:

How do you stand up for your worth?

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