From Aliens to dogs- my first vlog

Warning: this vlog is completely ridiculous, but I decided to publish it. This is the year for being bold for me. I figure if I do completely stupid things, I’ll stretch out my comfort zone and feel a little more comfortable when it comes time to do really important, serious stuff.

I vlogged this while playing with my webcam and testing its functions. Kalyra and I had a great giggle together vlogging- she kills it. I was tempted to publish her monster story recounted as a news reporter, but it does go for 10 minutes!  She cracks me up!

My vlogs from now on should be a little less silly. I hope. Who knows?

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you vlog? Tips? Feel free to share your best episode below.

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  • Jane

    Love it Caz – especially the background giggles! Who says we always need to be serious and clever?


    • Caz Makepeace

      The giggles were so cute! She cracks me up. I think we need to do more silly ones together


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