Dreaming of Disney trips to Florida

When are we going to Disneyland Mummy?

Kalyra asked me for about the third time in a week. A few days later it was followed closely by, “I want to live in America again Mummy. I loved living in the snow.”

She’s obsessed more than us, even though the snow angels and snow ball fights is about the extent of what she can remember.

Oh and the Cat Lady. She remembers my good friend Mary who has 12 cats and who doted on Kalyra. We miss our Cat Lady.

Kalyra has heard all about our holidays to Florida and Disneyland before she was born. Of course it’s every young Princess’ dream to go to Disneyland.

Dreaming of trips to Disneyland

One of her favourite Princesses

So she is saving hard for her dream Disney trip. I have put my foot down that it will be Orlando Disney. I’m not a big fan of LA, whereas Orlando I absolutely love. It is such a vibrant and modern city with plenty to do. And Florida has so many beautiful places to visit. We had a relaxing six weeks camping throughout the state in the summer of 05.

Our memories are helping to feed her dream and her motivation to save.

It’s so important to teach our children from an early age about sacrifice in order to get. And about responsibility. I want her to know that she plays a role in the creation of her dream and feel the excitement of that.

She has no concept of what $1 is compared to $20, but she celebrates her wealth every time we empty her platypus moneybox at the bank.

She takes the slip of paper with the new balance, asks me how much it is, and repeats it as a mantra on the way home.

“$446! Wow! That’s so close to Disneyland.”

“You’ve more than paid for your ticket there now. If only Mummy and Daddy could save that much.”

It’s all come about from loose coin collections and saving gift money.

I can’t wait for the day we can actually withdraw that money, give it to her in a purse and let her walk up to the Disney gate to buy her ticket.

“This is what you earned. This is your special reward for dreaming, saving and working for your dream.”

Now it’s just up to Mummy and Daddy to step up to the plate to make her Disney dream a reality. At her young age of 5 she kinda needs our help to get there.

We are working on it Princess. For now we’ll continue to watch the Disney DVD, cut out the pictures, talk about America, and dream of having breakfast with the Princesses. It all helps in making the magic appear!

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do your children want to go to Disneyland? Are they saving for a special dream?

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  • Beth Hardy

    Let us know when you’re going…we’ll be there!!! 😉 Miss you guys!


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