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Kalyra’s dancing concert

Kalyra had her end of year dancing concert yesterday. I was so proud of her. Last year she was really shy and nervous to go on stage. This year she walked out head held high, with a big smile on her face and really enjoyed herself. I loved watching her dance like no one was watching. I hope she never loses that spirit.

Gun laws

I know having strict gun laws will never help those who are suffering from mental illnesses they struggle to control, but it takes away a volatile weapon that can cause mass destruction when pointed in a moment of extreme anger or pain.

I’ve been in a situation before, where if a gun was present, myself and about 6 other innocent people would have been dead. The knife that was wielded at us in a moment of uncontrolled anger was much easier to control and saved everyone’s life.

As a mother and former elementary school teacher, I am devastated by what happened in the US yesterday to innocent babies the same age as my Kalyra. I am so grateful we have laws in Australia that protect our little ones more.

Travel Manifesto

A travel manifesto

Create better memories

I absolutely adore the travel manifesto we had Kelly Exeter create a document for. It is the heart of how and why we travel and she breathed visual beauty into it. Please come and download a free copy our on our Travel Manifesto post. You really don’t need to travel to follow this manifesto, it can be a blueprint for life too.

New email series

how to create a magical life

I was so happy to finally finish my free 6 part email series this week. It’s my 6 most powerful ways to raise your mojo to attract the life of your dreams. It’s what I’ve been working on early every morning. You can read more about it and sign up for it here.

The ability to think for myself and not make decisions based on fear

I am so incredibly grateful that I have a mind empowered enough to think for itself. It is strong enough to not tolerate brainwashing based on paranoid fear. It can hear both sides of the story and then decide what it thinks sounds reasonable and true. I am so so grateful that my choices in life and my beliefs are not based on fear but the desire to live my best life and to ensure my choices are what is best for the greater good.

Thank you thank you thank you for an open and empowered mind. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

New cafe: Toto

Our area can be a little boring sometimes, so we were stoked to discover a new cafe opened up in Ettalong. Great coffee, pastries and home cooked bread.

Toto cafe Ettalong

Empowering Quote:

“The community needs every person to be at their best” Obama

Meal of the week: Veggie stack with nut mince

Veggie stack with nut mince

With all the meal planning I am doing lately I am discovering delicious new foods to eat.I was really unsure how this one was gong to turn out as the recipe was a little vague. I first ate it at Billabong Retreat and knew I had to recreate it at home.

It was amazing and will feature in our house for many years to come. You can get the recipe here.

Song of the week: Ho Hey The Lumineers

So love this groovy song. My discovery for the week. Full of passion and light. Now I am addicted to listening to their album on Spotify


What I’m reading

What I know for sure about a difficult climb I love this post written by Oprah on how she kicked away her demons and climbed through her struggles. I agree completely when she said she was at the centre of the problems. Only YOU are responsible for your life’s circumstances.

 No words: A response to the Connecticut Shooting by Jeff Goins. Sometimes you just have to sit with the suffering. May we do more to protect our children from such suffering.

Should Mamamia pay for all contributors by Kelly Exeter I love the idea behind this post. Make your own choices based on your own vision and plans, stop judging others and make yourself valuable.

Charlie and Me girls clothes

LOVE-Beautiful sisters


I was happy to be featured in the following sites this week

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Travelling with kids interview with the lovely Jade from Our Oyster

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What love, gratitude and happiness is on your radar this week?

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