I am an organised person

I’m working on changing my perception of myself.

I constantly talk how I am organisationally challenged. I don’t think it is really helping me to grow into a more empowered identity.

I don’t want to be disorganised I want to be organised.

SO I am changing my labels. You will become what you say you are, so you must choose your labels wisely.

You’ll be happy to know I am making good progress.

My focus for the month has been on my improving my surroundings.

Last week Craig and I visited IKEA for the very first time. Yes. Can you believe it has taken us so long to join the cult?

We loved it and are so inspired now to get our own place. (If you did not know we live in the upstairs unit of Craig’s parents home, which is fantastic, but we are ready for our own space and one we can decorate with our own beautiful furnishings)

We went to IKEA to buy storage solutions for the girl’s rooms. Probably the best place to start with a new personality is the biggest challenge, and for any parent that would have to be the toy room.

IKEA’s furnishings are so colourful and functional, we are so happy with the simple solutions we chose and their new room will be part of their Chrissy present.

Which leads me to the next part of my organised self.

I have almost completed all my Christmas shopping. Not just shopped it, but also WRAPPED it!! It’s amazing what the need for time out and a glass of wine will get you to do.

I’ve NEVER done that before, I’m always last-minute mad Chrissy eve dash. I am so excited now that I can just enjoy the run up to Chrissy and spend time with my sister when she arrives from Perth next week.

i am an organised person

New mantra

I’ve also spent a lot of time creating blog plans and goals for next year. (Thanks to Organised Housewife and Planning Queen for that one) It feels so great to be working towards a particular focus. I’m achieving so much with a plan- who would have thought.

I even now have these strange desires to bake. It might be awhile before I can confidently wear the label of Baker though. I’ve started MEAL PLANNING even. Holy hell what has happened to me. All you bloggers are changing my life.

Today when I was doing the mad shopping dash while Kalyra was at ballet, I realized the benefit of having a meal plan and a shopping list. I actually go the shopping done in 25 minutes, and I cooked a delicious new meal tonight.This Mumma is rocking it out!!

I still have a long way to go in being the Ultimate Organiser (new blog perhaps?) but, I am definitely making progress and I am loving the clarity it is giving to my mind and surroundings.

So there you have it, the new me.

I am an organised person

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Are you? What labels of yourself do you think you need to change?

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  • Mel

    Being organised certainly makes everything feel better and run smoother. I love the idea about refraining from calling yourself “disorganised” and instead speaking about yourself as though you are (kinda like the “fake it until you feel it” principal). This concept really resonates with me, but about other areas of my life. I could certainly be alot more positive about things and hopefully in turn, bring more of the experiences and achievements I WANT, into my life. Thanks for a great post Caz and good luck with the adventure of getting organised! 🙂


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thanks Mel! I love fake it till you make it! It truly does work. IF you put yourself into the frame of already being that person then there is only one path- to be that person!


  • Nikki @ Styling You

    I am generally organised. But sometimes I really like taking a break from my organised self. To not stick to the meal plan, or any plan! And has for IKEA … we did Flynn’s room with proper storage in September and it was the best move ever – it’s been tidy ever since!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Oh yeah, taking a break and letting loose is a must!! I’m very good at that. 🙂 I;m hanging for Christmas Day to arrive so I can get the storage up and running!


  • Johanna

    Wow, what some implementations. You are beginning to sound like ‘Super Mother’ rather than ‘Mojito Mother’ ! Impressed (mostly because I’ve become terribly disorganised) and you really are ‘rocking it’.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Getting there Jo!! It’s much easier than I thought, you just have to implement little systems gradually.


  • @workingwomenaus

    I used to call myself organised but sadly not south at the moment. I’ll get back on board in 2013. As for Ikea! Love it! It has helped is organise our kids playroom as well as their bedrooms.


  • Lyn

    It is amazing how a change in the way you label yourself, changes the way things happen for you. I have always been an organised person, however in the last 1-2 years things have gone haywire. I continued to tell myself and anyone that listened that I use to be such an organised person and now I’m a mess and I just can’t get my act together.

    A few months ago, I pulled myself up and reworded what was going on, I observed the negativity running around in my head, let it go and now the ripple effect is starting to show. Organisation is creeping back and the frenetic energy is starting to dissipate!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thank you for sharing Lyn, I loved hearing your personal experience in regards to this. It’s amazing how things seem to be changing so easily for me now that I have changed my label. I am still a work in progress but so much better than I was. Now I am more organized I can reflect back and see how chaotic everything once was.


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