A new definition for summer is needed in NSW

What is up with the weather in NSW?

I never remembered it being this bad. My memories consist of waking with no sheet on–let alone a blanket–putting on a dress and heading out into the sunshine. There was never a need to check the weather channel because you just knew: hot, clear days; stifling hot, can’t-sleep evenings.

One of the few reasons I was excited to return to Australia in 2010 was for the burning hot summers by the beach.

What? I dipped in the water yesterday and felt like I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Town. And the chilly breeze blew through and high beamed me. Jollys for the boys!

I haven’t had a decent summer since we returned: inconsistent weather, lots of rain and cool days. Did Australia turn into England when I was gone?

I’m desperate to stick to the sheets in a pool of sweat each night.

I really don’t like to whinge too much;  I know how bad drought years and bushfire mayhem can be, but really a few days in a row that tip the high 20s’s would be nice.

The definition of summer now is one hot day, followed by 2 or 3 cool, wet ones.

My friend giggles at every Facebook complaint.

“Gotta head up north mate, tropical day up here spent swimming in the creek.”

“Sure thing Woody. Just let me take my jumper off first!”

summer clothes

What’s with the cardigan? It’s just not summer!

It’s killing the summer season of women’s clothing. Every time I’ve had a party on, the weather has been crap and my beautiful new summer dresses have forced me to wear a cardigan or freeze.

Cardigans? Jackets? in Summer????

A ladies summer wardrobe in NSW now has to change. Don’t pack the jumpers away, keep the trackie dacks on hand, and have a pile of cardigans and jackets at the ready. Don’t rely on your summer dresses so much. T’shirts are replacing singlets as the new norm.


Is it going to get any better? Or, are the last three years making the statement, Suck it up and get used to the new NSW summer way!

I think its global cooling not global warming and I think I need to move up north, either Queensland north or Thailand north.

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  • Toni

    Sadly I can say that I feel your pain. It’s literally been raining here for about 2 weeks and I have become best friends with my hot water bottle. do me a favour a tell your country to up its game?! I have no intention of getting to Sydney and needing to wear layers! Bikinis all the time please haha


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