I’m escaping to Billabong health retreat

It was only a few days ago, when Savannah was teething badly and Kalyra was throwing one of her infamous tantrums that I spoke out loud how badly I needed to escape to a health retreat.

Just me in isolation before I was sent to the looney bin.

I was meant to be in Shanghai China and was desperately missing my Chinese therapies and wondering how I was going to restore myself to calm.

Yesterday, I received an email inviting me, last-minute, to a Billabong Retreat, just near Windsor  Yoga, meditation, massage, vegetarian food, and walks in the forest.

Billabong Retreat

Image by Billabong Retreat

Of course I said Thank you Universe for answering my pleas for the restoration of peace to my mind. I have needed it the past couple of weeks.

It’s only for two nights and I just want to sit in silence for the time. I might wear a sign, “Nobody talk to me. I’m in time out.”

So I hope when I pop back in here on Monday, I have the Universe has delivered more magic tips for me to give to you.

You will be seeing my regular Saturday Mojito, this week with Hair Romance, and my Sunday gratitude post.

Nothing will change, except myself.

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P.s (Check out last week’s magic tip which demonstrates how to state what you want and have it given to you)

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Have you been to a health retreat before? Did you come back restored to calm?

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  • Lisa Wood

    OH I so love how the universe works like that! And yep I love the idea of going to a retreat in such a divine place…now I must go and ask the universe for exactly what I need 🙂
    And gee I so hear you regards kids with their all out famous tantrums! We have a 13 year old whose hormones have kicked in…its almost like he is 2 years old again….the beauty of where we are staying at the moment is that they have a boy who also loves to expel his voice in a very loud way. Our kids fit right in with their family. And its so good to know we are not alone with kids issues 🙂
    Have the best time! You are where you need to be, love that.


    • Caz Makepeace

      It sounds like the kid issues never stop! I don’t know how I’ll make it to 18, I’m exhausted already! Keep asking Lisa, the Universe will deliver


  • Lisa B

    Sounds lovely. I just did a 5 day meditation retreat in Byron. Best thing I’ve done for YEARS. Enjoy.


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