Mojo magic tips: State what you want

I’ve had so many amazing things happen to me this past year and it has all come about because of me stating what I want.

Seems pretty simple, the problem is most of the time we are stating what we don’t want: bills, mess, limited time, drama. We’ve been conditioned to talk like this due to our surroundings and life circumstances.

It’s an easy flip to make, you just have to recondition your thought patterns.

How to state what you want

The stating of what you want has to be done in a particular way.

It has to be short and snappy, with absolutely no feelings of why you can’t have it, feelings of it being impossible or backed with desperation.

It’s like you take a snapshot of that desire in your mind. Picture it very clearly as being present in your life and with a huge smile and boost of gratitude, fire the shutter down.

With that freeze frame comes an intention to create, and the Universe gets to work and you start to suddenly do things that will make the magic appear.

Soon you’ll begin to develop Midas’ touch: whatever you say will appear.

For example my snapshot statements this past year have been.

  • I want to do freelance writing (Within a month of saying this freelance writing opportunities arrived to me)
  • I want a four-wheel drive ( This arrived not long after my statement in a way I never would have been able to orchestrate myself)
  • I want to get more traditional media exposure (3 newspaper articles, 2 magazines, and TV opportunities appeared.)
  • I want to speak at conferences (3 conferences, 3 webinars asked me to speak, no work on my behalf finding it)
  • I want to go to Thailand ( I was asked to go for a week with Thailand Tourism)

And so many more.
You can write these down if you like to make it easier, in fact I recommend it when you are first working on developing your mojo muscle. BUT, that does not mean the words you state every day do not hold the same amount of power. So WATCH your thoughts.

State what you want

Just say it

Each time I say the want, I see a very clear picture in my mind of me doing it, I believe that it is possible and then I put the thought away and continue on with what I am doing.

By putting the thought away you are saying that you TRUST it will arrive. If you don’t put it away, it means you are always watching for its arrival, which shows you don’t BELIEVE the magic will work. It will if you let it.

Can this work for everyone? Of course. But, I really do think you need to put in the work before hand to develop your mojo muscles.

I also think the problem is that most people will never state what they want.

They allow can’t because to speak for them first.

Which is really fear, guilt, insecurity, and a lack of faith speaking.

Emotions that need to be removed as they interrupt the magical life you deserve.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Are you any good at stating what you want?

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  • Tork

    I want millions of dollars 😉

    I’ll let you know how that pans out! hehehe


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