Shopping for luck and prosperity in the Central Markets Kuala Lumpur

Central Markets Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Central Markets

I wandered through the Central Markets in Kuala Lumpur, my eyes gazing over the racks of clothes, batik paintings and souvenirs.

Shop keepers called for me to come in, sprouting off the list of their wares. I smiled politely and continued walking past.

I wish I was more being a lover of shopping. I’m just not that into spending hours searching for things I don’t need. I am more of a person who shops when I know what I want.  My wedding dress, for example, was the first and only one I tried on. My Mum thought I was mad when I said I did not need to try anymore on, I had found the one.

I like to shop like that. The markets were full of great looking stores and products, but nothing was pulling at me.

It was almost time to meet my blogging friends for lunch and I decided to duck down the end of the row that I had ignored previously. The space of red occupied by the shop at the end pulled me in immediately.

Central Markets Kuala Lumpur

My lucky Chinese shop

It was a Chinese shop and the first item I browsed ended up in my shopping basket. It was a small tambourine with two fat Chinese men chasing each other on it. I knew Savannah would love it. I found more and more that the girls would love and started collecting: bracelets, more musical instruments, games and Matryoshka dolls (not really chinese I know!)

Matryoshka doll

Matryoshka doll

A Tibetan singing bowl sat on display and as soon as I saw it I knew it was for me. I am focused on raising my energy lately and that of the rooms that I occupy. I had actually passed by a crystal store not long before and their healing energy pulled me in. I knew from visiting the Crystal Castle in Byron Bay just how vibrantly peaceful they made you feel so I grabbed three crystal bracelets for $5. One for healthy, one for prosperity and one for balance.

The lovely shop lady who owned the shop demonstrated how to use the singing bowl to clear the energy around me and bring good luck. She then moved onto show me a wooden abacus..

“It’s beautiful, but I think my daughter may be a little young for it.”

“No.” she looked at me in alarm. “You have children. You look too young.”

“Oh no. I’m 36 so not young at all.”

“I thought you were in your twenties”

I knew I walked into that shop for a reason!! What a way to get you to keep buying!

Chinese luck and prosperity

My singing bowl and laughing Buddha behind my desk

I found a laughing Buddha for Craig, his belly protruding out from his clothes as he carries a bag on his back. If you rub his belly, wealth and prosperity is said to arrive. He sits behind my office chair now. I rub his belly every day!

I passed my shopping basket over to the shopkeeper, she looked at the final total, 128 ringgit and squealed.

“Oh my goodness so lucky! These are such lucky Chinese numbers.”

She then went on to explain which numbers are good and bad. Forget number 4, the Chinese don’t like that, but 8 is very good.

“Cool I was born on the 8th!”

I think you are very lucky lady. Good things will happen to you.

I walked out with a spring of hope in my step. Shopping really should make you feel that good!

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