Finding the balance and walking the peaceful path at the Crystal Castle

I felt like I had been meditating for an hour when we left the Crystal Castle.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we arrived, but as soon as I stepped through the gate and Sea explained to us what we could do here, I instantly regretted arriving in the afternoon.

I wanted to spend the whole day at the Crystal Castle. The vibrational energy was so high and so what my spirit was in need of.

You get the Crystal part as soon as you walk in. Boulders of pink crystals are used instead of rocks on the pathways and in featured gardens, and monuments and water features are created from them.

Some of the crystals have quotes and wise teachings written on them; teachings that I know and love. I was so very pleased that I was given this opportunity to bring my daughters here.

Dalai lama quote religion

Dalai Lama quote

Enlightenment quote

Crystal Castle Byron Bay

Whilst Savannah could only receive the energy love that was here, Kalyra was able to explore and learn.  I had the chance to teach her who Buddha is, what the statues mean and why we had to walk quietly around the labyrinth maze together.

I told her to ask a question she wants the answer to and then to walk quietly around the maze and let the answer come. She didn’t quite get this, but she got the sense that it was a quiet space for thought and introspection. We walked the maze together.

I had my question and was looking forward to the answer arriving for me. The meditative labyrinth is said to provide you with a sense of restorative peace once you walk the path and arrive in the middle.

Crystal Castle meditative labyrinth

Crystal Castle Bryon bay

No answer came for me, but I know that answers don’t always arrive when you say they should. They come with much more subtlety and at the time they determine is right. Asking the question and then letting it go of the need for immediate answer is essential.

The answer came to me later when we had our auras read as a family. There was a bowl of tarot cards with a sign that said: “Choose one and then return.” I closed my eyes, trusting I would choose the right one.

It said, “You are on the right path.”

With Craig quitting his job to join me full time on our blogs, this was an answer that filled me with peace and a short burst of happiness. I feel even more at ease with our decision than I did when we made it.

An aura reading is something I have always wanted to do and the readings for each of us were exactly as I wanted them to be.

For the first time I had confirmation that everything I had been working for was finally paying off. That the person I wanted to be was finally here.

As the lady interpreted each of our auras, my skin tingled and I had to fight to hold back the tears.

I think as mothers we are constantly judging our own ability to get it right. We feel guilty and as if we are giant failures causing more harm than good with each decision we make.

I had been feeling that so much lately.

Kalyra has been going through a wild tantrum stage and I have been feeling as if I’ve done it all wrong and am a horrible mother.

Kalyra had a brilliant rainbow colour aura, one our reader had never seen before and was quite startled by it.

She explained to me that Kalyra is perfectly happy and is receiving everything she needs. She is firmly here with us on earth, but still has a foot in fairy land. She still talks to the spirits and her spirit guides, which could be seen in her aura as little clumps of energy. She called Kalyra a healer. “She’s a healer just by being here and by being herself and that energy rubs off on others.“

Kalrya meets Buddha man of peace

Kalrya meets Buddha man of peace

I was so relieved and grateful and happy.

I was ecstatic that Kalyra could hear it and understand that there is more to us than this body we occupy. There is a spirit that comes from a place we forget with age.

I hope visiting the Crystal Castle will help her to understand she can tap into her inner magic always. I now call her my rainbow fairy and when a tantrum started in the afternoon from tiredness I asked her to find the fairy rainbow and calm down. We avoided meltdown; she ran to me, held my hand and said “The Fairy Rainbow is back Mummy.”

Savannah was beyond cute sitting on the chair for her aura reading. She placed her hands exactly where they needed to be and sat still and quiet looking at the camera. There wasn’t much the lady could say about her as she said, “She’s still in her own world. She’s happy and living life. She’s receiving all she needs and is getting all the right messages and lessons.”

Craig’s aura was full of love and happiness and mine had the answers I wanted. We laughed when she said that I am the grounded one and I have to manage the three fairies I live with. Craig, Kalyra and Savannah are all Virgos so this kinda made sense that I’d be totally different. (btw the fairies drive me nutty, now I have an explanation for it!)

She picked out in my aura that I was tired and this, combined with a few other challenges, was blocking my creativity from coming through. But she showed me how it was up there waiting for me to find a way for it to come flowing through.

Each of us had to choose a stone from a basket before our reading and I chose Larimar, the stone for balance, exactly what I am seeking in my life now.

I walked out clutching it. I clutch every night before I go to bed, trusting that the Universe will continue to bring the magic into my life; the magic that radiated in our auras.

You know that it radiates in yours too?

If you just let it



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  • Kathy

    Caz – loved this account and your honesty and wonder at the world. Crystal Palace is on my ‘doorstep’ and I can’t believe I haven’t visited it. I’ll make a date soon…kathy


    • Caz Makepeace

      Oh Kathy you will LOVE it!! I was amazed at how wonderful and vibrationally high I felt just by being there amongst those crystals


  • Christie-Childhood 101

    I love this post – I think quiet reflection and meditation are so important to balance and I love that the Crystal Palace makes those concepts so tangible, especially for children.


    • Caz Makepeace

      I can’t help but imagine (and hope for it to be reality) what the world would be like if all our children were raised understanding and living these concepts. I really think peace and contentment would be their only path. I’ll never forget the look on Kalyra’s face when she heard the lady talk about her aura. It’s so hard to describe but it was almost as if she remembered who she really was and what magic really is and she felt so excited and proud about it. It was so lovely to see.


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