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My beautiful babies’ birthday party

Kalyra and Savannah celebrated their birthdays together at the Chipmunks indoor play centre. It was great to see Kalyra running around with her friends and Savannah entertained every one with the devouring of her cake and her displays of fear at her new toy cat. I love these two girls so much!


This was the first week of Craig and I working our business full-time together. I loved the freedom of it. We were able to switch our Monday and Tuesday work days around so we could spend Monday with Kalyra for her birthday. On Tuesday we went into the city for some really productive meetings. On Wednesday we could both take Kalyra in for her first day of Kindy prep class and on Friday we worked really hard in the morning at our favourite coffee shop so we could take the girls for a long walk and a play in the park in the afternoon.

I love the freedom that comes with playing by your own rules.

Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil skin serum

I only recently heard of the benefits of Moroccan oil for hair fro the lovely Hair Romance. I jumped at the chance to try Seven Wonders’ Moroccan Argan Oil serum for my face.

I LOVE it! To be honest, I don’t know much at all about beauty products and what they are supposed to do. All I know is this stuff makes my skin feel great!! I swear I am looking younger LOL

My skin feels really hydrated, which is tough to do during the cold winter months. It is soft and smooth to touch. I’m addicted to it.

Being the judge of a photo competition

On Tuesday we visited the Covermore insurance office to judge their recent photo competition. It was incredibly hard and we felt the pressure. The photos were of amazing National Geographic quality.

The theme was based on the essence of travel and I think we chose the winner that really encapsulated that in a frame. I felt so grateful to be in the position to gift someone the winning $2 000 prize. Such an amazing feeling. I hope they enjoy their travels with it!

Magic by Rhonda Byrne

The MAgic Rhonda Byrne

After having several people recommend this book to me I decided to buy it at Sydney airport for some plane trip reading to Malaysia. It ended up being a slower read than I thought because the book is split up into 28 day action steps. I am loving doing a new one each day and bringing more and more gratitude into my life. It really is the most powerful ingredient for making magic happen in your life

Our recent travels

It was so great to travel for a month. Like really so great.

There’s really nothing else on earth I’d rather spend my days doing. There is too much to write about it here in this space. I’ll have a few posts coming out on Mojito Mother, but mostly you can follow the links to read about our NSW Legendary Pacific Coast Drive trip, our Queensland part, our 7 day Princess Dawn cruise and my five-day trip to discover Malaysia.

Savannah and Kalyra's birthday party

My beautiful girls’ b’day


I’d move there in a heartbeat tomorrow. The minute I step off the plane in Asia I breathe a sigh of relief that comes with knowing you are home. It is my spiritual home and the place where I feel right.

I love their culture, I love their food, their humidity, their shopping, the relaxed and cheap lifestyle and the friendly, caring people. Asians have such a strong sense of community, they are always looking out for each other and making sure that everyone is happy, even with strangers. It is peace and love and I want to be surrounded every day by that. A move on the cards perhaps?

Song of the week: I will wait by Mumford and Sons

I love the new song by Mumford and Sons. What a great band! Red Rock is the venue I most want to see a band. I love it!

Craig’s Birthday

We celebrated Craig’s birthday this week with lunch, dinner with friends, one of which shares the same birthday with Craig and then we had a lovely family lunch today at Kincumber Pub. It was a first visit for us and we LOVED it. Such a cool pub. I think it might become our new local.

Empowering Quote

“When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for you food and they joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself.”  Tecumseh, Shawnee Native American leader

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are you grateful for this week?

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  • Val

    Happy birthday to you all…your soon to come too! You are sounding so relaxed and happy, making the magic work for you all! Well done! Happy writing, traveloing, blogging and more!


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