Meeting the Captain of the P & O Pacific Dawn

One thing that excited us about our recent P & O cruise was that we were going to be heading into warmer weather.

That meant it was time to pull out the spring wardrobe and buy something special for the girls. From past experiences, I knew cruise evenings are usually filled with special events.

The perfect place to buy my princesses a special outfit was Pumpkin Patch whose clothes I adore. I remember for Kalyra’s first Christmas and birthday it was the place I went to to buy special clothes for her.

It was a no brainer this time when I saw the outfits on the rack. It was a no brainer for Kalyra either; we both gravitated towards this dress and jacket at the same time.

Pumpkin Patch

Love the jacket and dress

It was hard to keep Kalyra from wearing it until we sailed away.

Once onboard the P & O Pacific Dawn,we were invited to a private meet-and-greet function with the Captain and his officers over canapes and cocktails.

It was the perfect opportunity for the girls to wear their pretty dresses.

The Pumpkin Patch outfits


Lucy Maxi Dress: $46.99

Mock leather biker jacket: $49.99 now $34.99

pumpkin patch clothes


pumpkin patch clothes

Savannah’s outfit

Emily spot dress with knicker:  $42.99

Embroidered cardigan: $34.99 now $21.99

pumpkin patch clothes for toddlers

pumpkin patch clothes

pumpkin patch

We had a photo shoot on upper deck, which attracted the attention of many staff who had already been entranced by the girls during the cruise. They were fabulous in getting Savannah’s attention to stay still and look our way!

And then we were off to meet the Captain! He was a really friendly guy and was happy to share stories of his Captain cruising lifestyle. We certainly enjoyed hearing them over cocktails!

meeting the captain of Pacific Dawn

I thought they looked so adorable and they wore the dresses a couple of more times on the cruise. I can’t wait for more special events to come up over the next few months so they can wear them again!

P.S Savannah received another gorgeous Pumpkin Patch dress for her birthday from her Aunty. I can’t wait for her to wear it.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Pumpkin Patch for partnering with Mojito Mother for these gorgeous outfits.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Have you ever met the Captain of a cruise boat before?

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