Craig is in The House

She made me do it.

I don’t really want to be here writing on this blog, but now that I am, let’s see where this goes?

This post has been 18 months in the making. And when I finally succumbed to Caz’s torments and committed to write a weekly feature on Mojito Mother, it took me another 3 weeks to write this introductory post. I’m a procrastinator from hell.

She wanted me to appear on this site in some fashion because, well, ever since we started dating 12 years ago, we’ve done everything together.

I’m as Nervous as Hell. 

Whilst I’m used to writing about my greatest passion travel, baring my sole about personal stuff on a woman’s blog to a female audience is WAY out of my comfort zone. It’s friggin  SCARY!

My comfort zone is travel

To be honest, I’m not even sure who reads this blog but there are probably some people who I would rather not know some things about me.

And, I’m naturally shy, particularly when I’m out of my depth and talking about deep and meaningful stuff. Shyness is something I’ve struggled with my whole life.

I get uncomfortable in large group settings when I don’t really know anyone, and I much prefer to keep my personal feelings to myself.

And My Writing Ability Sux.

You don’t have to be a Hemingway to write the type of travel articles that I put together on my travel blog.

My destination pieces and travel tip articles are mostly factual list type posts and considering travel is very visual, being able to use lots of photographs that tell the story help to carry my work.

So my weekly writing feature here feels like I am starting from scratch.

What Will I Write About?

My thoughts and feelings on all things from a male perspective, such as:

  • Being a dad. The joys, fears and responsibilities that come with it.
  • Being a husband. The ups and downs and challenges of married life from my own experiences. What I want and need in a relationship, what I think my wife wants and needs from me (but probably don’t give). And maybe some soppy shit thrown in every now and then.
  • Being male. The things us men think and talk about. What annoys us about woman but why we love you anyway 🙂

And much much more…

A Little About Me

  • I’m a Virgo and as anal as hell. I’m a control freak, prefer good order, hate clutter, and over analyse. I’m fussy and a worrier and on the surface can appear emotionally cold.  BUT, sometimes I can be sensible, well spoken, wise and witty with a good understanding of other people’s problems. Like I said, I’m a Virgo!
  • I still have baby teeth. Yep, front and centre on the bottom row. Just as well I have a big bottom lip to hide them.
  • I wouldn’t usually drink Mojitos. I’m more of a beer man, and the occasional red wine, and usually at the same time.
  • I once played professional Rugby League for the North Sydney Bears (1990-96). Seems like another life time ago. Great memories and lessons learned.
  • The first time I met Caz I thought she was a dumb blonde who stunk of fish. She was working at the local fisherman’s wharf co-op across from the local pub and she would drop in for a beer after work. Turns out, she’s pretty intelligent, and I hope both our little girls get her brains and not mine!
  • Like most dads I adore my kids. It’s what brings me most joy in my life to see them happy and healthy. I’m VERY grateful they chose me as their dad.

with Kalyra

with Savannah

  • I’m an absolute sports fanatic. If I’m not watching it, I’m reading it or talking about it. Besides our Aussie sports teams, I’m a huge University of North Carolina Tar Heel fan, Chicago Bulls and San Francisco 49ers fan! You will often find me screaming at the television. Caz thinks I have anger management issues. I call it PASSION!
  • I also love the beach, getting outdoors in nature, beers with my mates, and listening to music.

Why Listen to Me?

Well, if it’s about financial advice I wouldn’t. Run the other way!

I’m the guy who two years ago lost everything I had ever worked for and gained from my professional sporting career. A real estate deal went sour and I donated many thousands more to the stock market.

It sent us bankrupt, left us with huge credit card debt, me with no real career path, little superannuation, no self-esteem, and at the age of 36 with two young kids having to move back in with my parents.


But Things Are Better Now.

I no longer cry myself to sleep, blame the world and think “poor me”. Through determination, persistence, accepting responsibility, and finding my passion and belief in myself, I’m excited about life again.

We are REAL close now to living our dream of being location independent and having time freedom. More on these lessons later.

I Need Your Help

I need a name for my weekly segment. NO, I don’t want to be called the mojito man, daddy darling, cupcake or any other annoying initials to make me seem secretive or cool.

I would love your suggestions in the comments area below.

Also, if there is any topic you’d like me to touch on from my perspective as a dad/husband/male feel free to suggest that also.

Thanks for listening thus far. I’ll be back in a week with my first article.

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  • Autumn Lyman

    Hey don’t feel bad. I understand how you feel all too well. I lost my cushy investment bank job and had to move back to Charlotte. I’ve been living with my folks for 4 years. But I have learned a lot about myself during that time. I just got my own apartment and I’m even more excited about moving out this time, then the first time I struck out on my own. It means more because I had to rebuild it. I am more confident now, because even if I get knocked on my ass again, I know I can get back up just fine. I’ve learned that I can get through anything. Granted, I did have to see a shrink and take medication, but now I am better than ever. It really is true that sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven. Hemingway started out as a reporter, and blogging, in a way, is reporting. You did a great job.

    Oh and by the way, Carolina SUX!!!! GO STATE!!!!!!!!! 🙂


    • Craig Makepeace

      Hey Autumn,

      Thanks for your response and great to hear from you. So glad things are moving forward for you too. Yes I have learned some hard lessons, and yes I have made some mistakes but as long as I learn from them, and DON”T repeat them and come back stronger then it’s been worth it.

      What’s that saying…”It doesn’t matter if you get knocked down it’s whether you get up again” or something like that? I too now feel much stronger. I still have my bad moments but have learned to forgive myself and hopefully I can support and help others going through, or who have been through, terrible financial hardship.

      All the best!


  • jan

    Hey, no need to worry about us Craig. You’re part of the family, and you know blood is thicker than water.
    Why not call your segment “Craig is in the House”, I think that is excellent.


    • Craig Makepeace

      Hi Jan,

      Happy to know I’m part of the Mojito Mother family. Maybe I’ll have to have a Mojito with you all sometime!

      And you know what, I don’t mind that name either 🙂


  • Vanessa

    So “Daddy Does”, “Men Say”, “Mannish Mojitos”or “Fella’s Feelings” wouldn’t work for you? No? I can’t imagine why…

    How about Beer Dad’s Thoughts?

    I wouldn’t worry be too scared about posting in the womens domain. In fact, I think more husbands should do this! Maybe I’ll get my husband to post in mine. Of course, then I would have to convince him to read it first. I did just volunteer him for an article in Cleo Bride that he wasn’t too happy about haha. Perhaps that’s torture enough.

    Looking forward to reading your posts.


    • Craig Makepeace

      G’day Vanessa,

      Yes, I need your husband to write for some Daddy support ha ha. And Cleo bride??? Wow, sounds, umm, interesting 🙂


  • Tork

    Hey! Great to see a dad blogging! There aren’t many of us, so keep at it man 🙂

    Go with the name Craigslist. Or if that one happens to be taken, Scotch Man!


  • Jazzin Balfe

    I liked your post Craig…open and honest …and there is nothing I like better than ´ a come-back-kid`!!! You and Caz are a great combination…hard workers, inspiring, persistent. Todays young people need role-models like you to show that determination and persistence are what pay-off in life. Its the ability to dust yourself off and get back up again that makes winners of us all. take care of that lovely family. x


    • Craig Makepeace

      Thanks Jazzin! If there’s one thing I am it’s persistent. And another is competitive. Sure I wanted to quit on myself many times but that’s the easy way out and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t keep chuggin!


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