Because two blogs is not enough

Because I love blogging and two blogs is not enough for me, I have taken on another blog of sorts.

Yes, I am friggin crazy, and I seriously thought that on the weekend as I was slurping down ricotta and spinach pennette at our local Italian Festival.

It was not that I was not enjoying the pasta, or the cannoli and nutella crepes, but because I was juggling it in between video takes, social media updates, and wild dodgem car rides with a slightly terrified Kalyra.

But forward I continue to march.

Craig and I have been really focused on finding ways to use our skills as bloggers and social media experts to actually make a living off blogging. We decided to stop waiting for opportunities to come and create our own.

We put a hire us page on both sites, talked to a couple of people and before we knew it we had quite a few offers coming in. (Whether these were related to the Hire Me Page I don’t know. They may not have even seen it, but I do believe that it is not a coincidence. It’s because we finally said this is what we want, here’s what we can offer and we deserve it. So the Universe said, “Thank Christ, I’ve been waiting for this for ages. You asked, I deliver.”)

Italian festival

An enjoyable break in the madness

So what is coming up for me:

Writing for Kidspot about Family Travel

I was very excited to be asked to be the new Village Voice on family travel for Kidspot, a widely read and well respected online parenting site. I’m always happy to talk travel, especially helping parents find ways to make family travel a big part of their lives. I’ll be posting there three times a week, so come and join me.

You can read my first three posts

Why family travel should be part of your life
Bushwalking with kids: from whine to fine
Top five tips for taking great photos on your family holiday

Video Creation for Central Coast Tourism

I live in a beautiful area. I really haven’t spent a lot of time appreciating it, due to being overseas for so many years. It really is an awesome travel destination, especially being so close to Sydney.

We have partnered with Central Coast Tourism and will be helping to create content for their site. The exciting thing is that we will be slipping into video mode. We love a challenge and learning something new. The Italian festival was our first production on the weekend and we did enjoy it. Come on over and join the Central Coast fan page so you don’t miss an episode.

We’ve got a couple of other things we are working on too behind the scenes.

While I am here…

Don’t miss these Giveaways

Currently at the moment, I have a Norton 360 giveaway on Mojito Mother, giving you protection for up to 3 computers. Valued at $130. I have a gift card coming up next week to a really cool online baby store, a gift card to Stockland Shopping Centre, and some Pantene packs to also give away.

Craig and I have been working hard on y travel blog to get some awesome giveaways for our community. At the moment we are helping to pay for someone’s holiday with a  $600 gift card to Flight Centre. Yep- one winner- imagine what you could use that money for?

If you like stationary you can win a cool Kikki K stationery pack valued at $50 and if you visit y travel blog on Saturday April 28th, when I particpate in the 24 hour switch off, you can enter to win a holiday to Kangaroo Island.

Coming up on y travel blog, we’ve also got a cool Kelty kids hiking backpack, Logitech gear, and a ultra special night away for up to four people- to a very special launch event.

We are LOVING these cool gifts that we can give back. One day I want to be like Oprah and give a car to every one of my readers- or maybe more fitting for me would be a holiday in a resort in Thailand for everyone, complete with Mojitos at sunset.


Not much else will change here on Mojito Mother. Maybe a post or two less a week, while I fulfill the duties that puts food in my bubba’s mouth.

I’m not just a serial traveller anymore, I am a serial blogger.


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  • PlanningQueen

    So well deserved Caz. You are a smart, hard working blogger! Nic x


  • Trish

    I look forward to reading more about family travel Caz.
    Congratulations on being part of Village voice.


  • kirri

    That’s fab news and I agree with Nic – well deserved!

    PS – No car for me, I’ll take a mojito and chat with you any day x


  • Kelly Exeter

    Unreal Caz – I honestly just love watching you guys set your goals … and then kick them!!


  • Johanna

    Congratulations, Caz! You’ve really got what it takes. Look forward to catching your content at new blogging venues 🙂


  • Caz

    Thank you lovely ladies! You all inspire me in many ways


  • Marianne at BestTravelDealsTips

    I love following your adventures! You and Craig are so much fun and it’s fun to be a part of your lives via blogging and all the social media! Such a cute family, too!


  • Sarah@Mum's gone 2 Aus

    Agree, very well deserved and exciting to see where good blogging and online media can lead. I’ll be following!
    All the best.


    • Caz

      Thank you so much Sarah! I really appreciate your support


  • Shanna Schultz

    Its amazing how addictive blogging is! I just started my first blog a few months ago, and I already have a second that is percolating on the back burner. Sounds like some exciting things are in store for you! Keep up t good work.


    • Caz

      It is so addictive. I have another couple that I’d love to do but know that it won’t happen for a very long time!!


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