Norton One: Protection for your Life in a Bubble

I live in a bubble.

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life traipsing through countries, many that would be deemed dangerous and scary by others. Despite few mishaps, nothing has really ever happened to me, therefore, I’ve developed this belief system that life and people are not to be feared.

I don’t watch or read news stories which further bubblizes my life. I go about my life generally being fearless, happy and carefree.

Protect the Bubble

The bubble is not always good. I might think ignorance is bliss, but really is it if I allow that bubble to stop myself from being protected?

Norton One

The world is scary

When we were living in the States in 04, we received a phone call from our bank asking if we were flying all over Europe. I wish. I was on my way to work. Someone was though on behalf of our credit card. Luckily for us we were protected by the bank who returned our money.

I slinked back into my bubble unaffected.

I like living in a bubble and being protected from the invisible predators by outside ninjas.

Don’t tell me how bad the world is or make me do anything, just protect me and let me carry on.

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Protection for your Computer and Online World

Being a blogger, it might seem like I am tech savvy and know what I am doing, really I just wing it.

When it comes to PC security and protection, I’m always left wishing I had a MAC so I could stay away from the threats in my bubble and not worry.

Viruses aren’t written for Macs I’ve been told. I remember a voice whispering from the outside once telling me that you don’t ever really need it on PC”s anymore. I can’t even remember why-something about Microsoft having better protective systems, as long as you don’t open any dodgy files from strangers.

Living in the bubble can be so funny to those switched on on the outside.

As my servers informed me a couple of months later my site had been malwared and was sending out thousands of emails from my account. They were going to shut me down. So much for that Microsoft protection.

Thankfully common sense will find its way into my bubble sometimes and come out in the form of a casual sit down lunch with some people from Norton who spoke to  a group of bloggers at a lunch recently about computer security and protection from the predators.

Sydney Cafe

I felt the walls closing in. There are so many monsters out there. Cyber thefts, cyber bullying, identity theft, the list went on.

It’s not really so much about viruses on your own computer anymore. It’s about protecting yourself from a whole global online system that can be hacked, phished, scammed and damage you in many ways.

And for me as a blogger this is important stuff.

That is why I learned that Macs aren’t’ completely safe. They are far far less, like about 90% , chance of being hit, but they can still be attacked via the web based stuff and that’s a 10% risk Mac users need to assess if it’s worth taking.

Protecting our Children online

The thing that concerned me the most are the threats surrounding our children. I don’t want to be fear mongering here as that is not what I am about. I travel with my children remember. Sometimes you do have to protect your bubble and to do that you need a few home truths.

Kalyra blows me away with how tech savvy she is at the tender age of 4. She can work her way around my Android and lap top, opening and closing files, navigating around the web pages, playing videos and games. Because of her inability to type and search (except she can type her name) I’ve not worried much about protection for her, but I’m sure it is not too far away.

For parents with older children this needs to be a reality. What are your children doing online? Who are they talking to? What sites are they visiting? How can you monitor it?

All very important questions that need to be asked and discusses with your children. Norton were very adamant that, although they provide parents with the tools to protect their children online, it all starts with conversation at home with your kids and setting boundaries so they avoid negative experiences on line and family conflicts.

It’s a bit like me being a teacher and begging parents to read with their children at home. Don’t just rely on schools to do it for you.

Norton also helps out by providing useful tips for parents in educating their kids.

Norton One: Flexible and Simple Protection

Norton One

Flexible protection

After recent feedback from their customers, Norton has revolutionized the way that they now protect people online.

The problem they were finding is that in today’s society most people, let alone families, now have more than one device to get online: laptops, ipads, smart phones (which I was clueless in thinking you had to protect).

There was little flexibility in protection programs to cater to the growing connectivity that we all have.

As a result, Norton has created Norton One, a membership solution to flexible and simple protection.

For an annual fee of    you will receive the Ultimate protection and service package. We all agreed that the Ultimate Service part to it (a 2 minute wait time) would be priceless to sell on its own to Telstra.

Once you join the membership you can tailor make your solution to your needs by adding up to five devices. It is a simple matter of clicking the add device button either from the device you want to add or via email or QR codes.

Once you have clicked and added you can let it be and allow the experts, Norton, to protect and serve.

And that is when I asked,

“So I can then not have to worry and I can crawl back into my bubble, not doing anything again.”


Back into my bubble I go where everything is grand and I my family are protected by the ninjas.

See the world is not so dangerous after all.

N.B Norton one is still in beta mode and is not yet available to the general public. Watch the Norton space.

Norton 360 Giveaway

I have one Norton 360 protection for your computer CD to giveaway.

This provide protection for up to 3 PCs. Norton 360 ensures you are always protected from online threats and that your data is backed up automatically, all that while your PC performs at its best. Set and forget.

I’ve used it for the past year and it’s been great.

All you have to do is fill out the form below answering the following question

What would be the biggest attraction to living in a bubble like me? or why would you really hate it?

Fill out my online form.

Terms and conditions: The Norton 360 competition will be judged on skill. The competition opens, Thursday April 12 at 10pm EST and closes on Friday April 20 at 6pm EST. One entry per person. Entries will be judged on creativity and originality.  There is prizes to be won, with a value of $130 Winners will be notified via email. Entries remain the property of Mojito Mother and may be republished.

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