Sadie Doll: The most precious doll for little girls

I sat around the dinner table with my Mum and Dad talking about just what made it so special.

“It looks like something you would see upper class children with.”

“It’s so dainty and refined.”

“A bit like Jemima, no Raggedy Ann, no…”

Sadie doll

I think it could easily be the next big craze, like cabbage patch dolls were. But Sadie is way prettier.

It’s really beautifully made and has something about it that attracts your eye. Simple, elegant, cute.

I’m not one for dolls.  I hate playing Barbie schools with Kalyra, but she is a mad doll fan so we have hundreds of them. They are cold and plastic and lifeless and are all the same.

Sadie is really different. Kalyra took to her the minute she saw her on the Button Baby Website.

“That one I want Sadie.”

“Not Mary? Not Martha?

No Sadie.

As soon as it arrived, beautifully wrapped, I saw the allure too and knew that she was going to love it.

Her sweet lady bug dress and striped stockings on those dangly legs. Sadie is precious.

Sadie doll from Baby Button

We love our Sadie

Sadie is now the new addition to our family. She sleeps in our bed (which is okay since she is so soft and little), we have to delay departures from home to find her to join us, she gets buckled up in her own car seat, and she has already been our her first family cruise to Mexico.

Sadie is no cleaning lady; she is a lady of class and style.

Looks like she came to the right family then.

Where can you find Sadie?

Button Baby is an online baby retail store that’s celebrating its third anniversary in May. There are other incredibly sweet and cute dolls available as well as a whole range of baby and toddler gear. Saide really is of high quality and design.

Button Baby Giveaway

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