Two Major Milestones Launch us Into the Joys of Sisterhood

We had two major milestones this weekend in the life of Savannah.

Not just for her but for Mummy too.

Two major things that opened my eyes up to the joy of being a mother of two sisters and having a family.

the joys of sisterhood

It’s weird that it has hit me now and not when Savannah was born, but for the past six months she’s just been a baby.

An adorable baby, but one that has been cruising in her baby world, filled with capsules and cots, milk and sleep.

Turning the Car Seat Around

There is much I lament about my baby growing up. When she started eating food there was the old pull at the heart knowing that she was no longer a baby baby. She was growing up.

No such feelings when it comes to turning the car seat around. That is a milestone we cheer for as it makes our life so easy. I no longer have to battle with the seat straps to pull her out and I can look to see if she is okay while I am driving.

She absolutely loves it and could not stop grinning and every time I turned around to see her she would laugh her head off.

Baby car set FAcing forward

She loves facing forward

It was when I turned around and saw her sitting next to her sister and she was reaching out to grab Kalyra that it hit me, I am the mother of two adorable sisters.

This is my family.

I then became the one grinning broadly and my chest swelled with love at how special my life is.

Lucky Craig likes to do most of the driving, which means I no longer face the front much, my head is always swinging around to stare and grin at these two delightful cherubs.

Moving Savannah into her Own Room

For the past six months Savannah’s cot has been at the end of our bed. This week I reached the point where I was ready to release her into her own room.

It was time to welcome my own space back.

We spent the weekend rearranging the rooms and decluttering. The toy room has now become Savannah’s space.

We left some of Kalyra’s toys in Savannah’s room mainly for space but so that Kalyra could come on in to spend time with her sister.

After it was all set up, Kalyra asked if she could sleep on the floor of Savannah’s room to keep her company.

She jumped up and down with excitement, “Then I won’t be lonely anymore.”

She hates sleeping on her own and finds her way into our bed every night. I was excited with the thought this might put an end to it. (It didn’t)

I walked into the room and Savanah was sitting on the floor playing with her toys and Kalyra was sitting opposite her talking to her and reading her stories.

My heart just melted. Their friendship is getting stronger every day. I can’t wait to see it blossom.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

When did you first start to notice a strong sibling relationship developing between your children?

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  • Lissie

    You’re lucky ! I remember distinctly when my brother came home – I was over 5 at the time. I hated and loathed this interuption to my life – until I was about 22 and we figured out we shared a common interest in drinking and then I discovered he wasn’t a bad person and we had something in common! Until then – not so much. I do think it would have been a lot easier if he’d been a girl though!


    • Caz

      Ha HA. Yes sister relationships are pretty easy, although can be filled with fire. I remember several times my older sister and I having each other in a headlock. ACtually my brother and I have always been close and have not fought much.


  • Veronica @ Mixed Gems

    This is a gorgeous post. I can relate to your feelings about the change at about 6 months. For the longest time, Lil S felt like a “generic” baby. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way but just that she did mostly very stereotypical baby things – feed, sleep, eat, play a bit, roll a bit. But soon after that, as she started to sit, crawl, grasp, giggle, etc…and now at 12 months, walking, pointing, babbling, responding and expressing her wishes and displeasure, she is truly very much a little person in her own right. “Generic” baby is long gone. It’s quite an amazing thing to observe.

    I’m looking forward to the girls sharing a room (we only have a two bedroom place!) but have to wait till Lil S stops waking through the night. We moved Miss T out at 6 months so it’s been a long time for hubby and I not to have our own room back!


  • Sarah@Mum's gone 2Aus

    Our boys are 2.5 years apart. When our youngest was a baby our eldest was fairly ambivalent, the baby turned into a toddler and started stealing his toys or messing his games up and he just got frustrated. Finally aged 3 and 5 they seem to be more on the same wave length, getting into trouble together and ganging up on mum and dad, sometimes annoying but mostly adorable to see such a bond! Lovely to read how your daughters are playing.


    • Caz

      So cute!! I can see the eventual ganging up on Mum and Dad for us as well. It’s so nice to think they have such a special bond like that. Someone they can always rely on who understands them.


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