Six Months with Savannah

It’s hard to believe my baby is six months old already.

It is hard to remember life without her.

She has fitted beautifully in with our family and has taught me, just like Kalyra did, what unconditional love really is.

Savannah Makepeace

Love at first sight

I am hopelessly in love with her.

Savannah is a dream baby. She loves eating and she loves sleeping. She rarely cries and laughs often. She can often be found sitting back with her legs crossed tapping her feet, taking in her surroundings, and letting her food settle.

Savannah's swimwear beach style

Always laughing

She is curious and will sit and stare intensely at you, working out the stories that lie behind the lines on your face. She will break out into a smile that lets you know she understands and gets your journey.

She adores her older sister and will break out into fits of giggles at her silly dances, made up songs, and oddball face expressions

Kalyra entertains Savannah

Kalyra entertains Savannah

They hold hands and laugh together and my heart melts watching the bond that is forming between them. I feel as if I have been able to give them both the most special gift: sisterhood.

Kalyra and Savannah Makepeace


She loves to lie on her tummy and surrounds herself with her stuffed teddies, many of which can be found being stuffed into her mouth when she should be going to sleep.

She opens her mouth wide, tucks her chin into her chest, and wildly moves her feet back and forth whenever she is hungry or excited.

She cuddles me and nuzzles her head into my neck for fractions of minutes that I long to turn into hours.

savannah sleeping

Savannah sleeping

She hates the cold, is seriously grumpy when tired, and turns her nose up when you mash the pumpkin and potato together- it must be separate.

She loves people and is happy to leave her Mumma to go give joy and love to others.

Savannah's Beautiful Eyes

Look at those eyes!

I look at her and know that life is AMAZING and that I am one very lucky person to be able to spend my days with her, just as I am with Kalyra.

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  • Veronica @ Mixed Gems

    Giving your girls the gift of sisterhood; I love that description. I feel the same about my girls too.


    • Caz

      It’s just precious. They were giggling together in the back of the car today and I sat and watched and marvelled at how lovely it was. I think they will be getting into a lot of mischief in years to come.


      • Veronica @ Mixed Gems

        Yes, indeed. I can already see some of the mischief potential. I can also see the fight potential since Lil S is now a toddler and wants to be in on everything her big sis does. Big sis is trying to adjust to the encroachment on her personal space. It’s always easier for the big sibling when the play is on their terms. Fun times ahead! But I also hope that their sisterly bond will override everything else.


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