Early Morning Walk through Hyde Park Sydney

“There is plenty of time for sleeping when you are dead. Now is for living, so get up and go greet the world.”

This was my little pep talk to myself at 6am when my body was trying to convince my eyes to remain closed. After all, I was child free and sleep ins don’t come around much, actually sleep through the nights don’t.

And the bed was way comfortable.

My enthusiasm for life won in the end, and I am so glad it did.

Hyde Park Sydney

The Avenue of Oaks

After a morning mediation, I put on my walking gear and hit the streets of Sydney. My hotel suite is a block back from Hyde Park, a beautiful, yet overlooked park of Sydney; it does have to compete with the Botanical Gardens.

Workers ambled for early morning starts, boot camp attendees sweated off unwanted pounds, half naked men sprinted down the avenue of oaks and I wandered with bounce enjoying the freedom of exploration and snapping early morning pictures. By the time I returned to my hotel, I was fired up for a healthy breakfast and a morning of work.

Centrepointe tower Sydney

Centrepointe Tower

Hyde Park

Resting place

Hyde Park Sydney

Hyde Park Sydney

Avenue of Oaks Hyde Park

Avenue of Oaks

St Mary's Cathedral

Sydney Gay Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras sign

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Where's your favourite place to take an early  morning walk?

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  • Maxabella

    So peaceful with such beautiful light – I’m glad not many are willing to get out of bed to share our early morning walks, Caz. Of course, I manage one every two months (as I am generally one of the unwilling!) but I just love it every single time. Just around my neighbourhood, through the bush. One time (that one time) I was feeling particuarly motivated and drove to the beach to walk along the coast. That was special.*


    * But obviously not as special as my bed it would appear…


    • Caz

      Ha HA! It’s so hard to drag yourself out of the bed, but you feel so great once you do it. If only that great feeling came once the alarm went off 🙂


  • Lisa Wood

    Oh that is gorgeous – I love walking in the early mornings! Mind you I havent done that in a very long time…used to walk along the beach after my night shift when I was working. That looks magical.


    • Caz

      I miss those early morning beach walks. Gets much harder once the kiddies come along.


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