Dreaming of Orbs

Last night I had such a vivid dream.

It was like a recurring dream of mine, where my teenage friend who died of leukemia when she was 18, comes to visit me. In the dream she pops in just to say hi, to see how I am, and to let me know that she is happy.

I always wake up feeling light and happy. Like a message was delivered to me in my dreams.

I have been learning about the importance of dreams and how they are the state where we can create anything to happen. You should be very careful what you put into your mind during the last five minutes that you are awake. This is what you put into your subconscious state, the place that creates everything you ask for.

dreaming of orbs

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I must have been thinking of light and love and my children before I drifted off.

I dreamed that the room I was in was filled with orbs. On the wall was a collage of Kalyra and Savanna, and at first an orb sat on top of each of their pictures.

I felt so relieved and in awe as I realized the orbs were protecting them and filling them with love. The room then began to fill with orbs, like tiny bubbles that did not pop when you reached out to touch them. They floated transparently around me and were soft to touch.

I felt like I had received a message.

Orbs are not usually seen by our eyes, in fact they can only be picked up by cameras. No one can really explain them, but they are thought to appear when you decide to help yourself and start to live from a higher place. Others believe it is the energy of those passed communicating with us.

I have been working so much lately on improving my state of mind and to tap into the magic that I AM and as everyone else is.

Dreaming of Orbs

Surrounded by Orbs

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I felt as if the Universe was sending me a message in my dreams to rid my mind of that nasty self-doubt. This stuff is real. Magic does exist and it really is looking out for you and wanting you to have your dream life.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

The question is, how are you dreaming, and how are you letting the magic work for you?

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  • katepickle

    you know…. I am a worrier and often my worries creep up on me late at night as I try to fall asleep. Of course… I have loads of nightmares and strange and crazy dreams. I’ve only just now, reading your post, made the connection….

    Going to try and figure out a way to let go of my worries and think more positive as I drift off….


    • Caz

      It’s making a really big difference. I find now if I have horrible dreams, I can trace it back to me worrying before I drifted off. And if I start the day with an unexplained shittiness it is usually the same!


  • Lisa Wood

    What a fantastic dream – We have magic within all of us, its a matter of believing!

    When we were going through the stages of having to let go of our older son (who is now very happy in the navy!) I had so many dreams. Very mixed ones, and yet some amazing calming ones. One that I still remember is a dream where my late Grandma visited our us. I could feel her standing next to my bed, and I remember asking her about our older son.

    She re-assured me that everything was going to be OK – and that he was going to be looked after. She let me know that she was taking care of him, and was always going to make sure he was going to be safe.

    Then I said sorry for not visiting her, and never telling her how much I loved her. She replied that she knew I loved her, and that I meant the world to her. I asked her if I could give her a kiss, and she said “sure go ahead – blow it and I will catch it”
    So I did.

    Then I woke soon afterwards, with tears running down my face – and I swear that I could smell her perfume.

    Since that dream I feel at ease with our sons career choice – and have many photos of our boys with orbs near their head! I sure believe in guardian angels.

    Your dream was so cool 🙂


    • Caz

      That is so cool that you have photos of orbs over your sons!! I would love to see them

      That is the most amazing dream. What a perfect message for you to help ease your distress at not being with your boy. Thank you for sharing that magic- I have gooosies


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