Exploring the Path of Your New Career or Passion

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I’m not even sure I can tell you what I dreamed of being when I was younger.

The only vivid memory I have is sitting at my mother’s dining room table completing a project on Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson as they forged a passage through the Blue Mountains in 1813.

I wished one day I could be like an explorer: adventurous, daring, on a path of discovery and living a life of freedom.

I guess you could say my 10 year old imagination helped to create my reality as it has been now for 15 years.

To me, it has not been about the jobs that I’ve had along the way, it has been about the lifestyle and the spirit to which I want my life to run.

So yes, I have been an explorer of sorts. I haven’t really been the first to discover something in the world, but I have been the first in my world to discover so many wonderful things about our Earth from my adventures traveling through 36 countries, and living in 5.

The Secret to Discovering Your New Career

To be an explorer, you need more than just the willing feet; you need it to be backed up with knowledge and experience in certain areas.

Teaching was never my passion and I now am looking outside the classroom and the exploring (although that will never end) so that I can spend my days doing a job I love.

This is the greatest secret to finding a new career. If you don’t do what you love then you have automatically lost your freedom.

Explorers can’t live like that. Freedom is the ultimate.

The Challenges Facing Mothers who Want to Study Again

The only problem is that it is not so easy anymore to juggle the study with the family and the work. We’ve barely enough time to brush our teeth of a morning, let alone study.

Time is our greatest gift and our greatest enemy.

How do you find the time to learn in order to do what you love?

It is essential you work it out. You have that calling within you to do something more with your life. You will find the time if you really want it.

And then there are the financial constraints. Studying doesn’t come cheap. In fact, I am still paying off my teaching degree! At least going to Uni, the option for government assistance was there, what about now?

How can I find the help?

Sometimes we need to seek help as to how we can afford to do that extra study so we can spend our days doing what we love.

Seek learning exploring your passion


How Can I Discover what My Passion is?

I often receive emails from readers of this blog and y travel blog confused as they don’t know where to start and they haven’t quite figured out what to do with their lives yet. “How can I work out what it is I really want to do?”

The answer to that is really much simpler than you think.

It’s not about what your mind is telling you, you can and can’t do. It will give you all the reasons why something is a stupid idea, because your mind with all its useful logic also operates from a place of fear and doubt. It is for this reason, you have to ignore it.

All you need to do is answer this question:

What makes my heart sing? If a Genie came down and said, “I will grant you one wish only and that wish is for you to tell me what it is you want to do every day for the rest of your life.”

That is where you will find your answer. It is your passion, your calling, and it usually ties into what you are good at.

Seeking Help

Once you have that answer you can then turn to others to help you find the plan of action. They can help you find the courses you need to take, advice on how you can make it financially viable, and give you the encouraging support to do it.

SEEK Learning is one place that can help. They offer a free, personalized service that helps people find the right career related course for their needs. SEEK learning supports you the whole way through the process, including enrolling you in your desired course. They are not, however, career counsellors.

SEEK Learning Consultants help users overcome the barriers to study that I’ve mentioned and because of this service, they really helping to change people’s lives.

SEEK Learning is a completely free service. So if you are looking to return to work after motherhood or just want to find that new career path, I would defiinitely be turning to SEEK Learning for some assistance.

Seek Learning Red Balloon Gift Voucher Giveaway

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The winner can use this voucher to retrieve any of the offers over on Red Balloon.

The Giveaway ends on 5:00 pm AEDST on 28th February, 2012

To enter

1. Tell me in the comments below if you are already working your dream job or if you are currently exploring it. Either way you MUST tell me what it is.

2. I’ll be choosing a winner randomly using random.org

Terms and Conditions of the Giveaway can be found here


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  • Jeremy Branham

    I’ve been at my same job for over 10 years now. It’s OK but it’s not my passion. I love the writing aspect but I also love my pay, comfort, and security. It’s a tough balance. If I am still at this job in 20 years will I be disappointed? Yes but as long as I can enjoy my passion on the side that would be great. Honestly, I have never known what I wanted to do with my life even when I was picking a major in college. I hope I have it figured out by the time I grow up! 🙂


  • Lisa Wood

    I am no where near my Dream Job. I am still trying to work out exactly what that is…and how I want to get to my one big dream.
    You see I have been a Mum for 17+ years, and I have never thought to be anything else. Then one day I decided that our family should travel.
    So I went onto ebay and brought our Motorhome. I thought it would be fun to set up a blog about our adventure.
    But then it was – “So what now”…I am trying to find my way online, be a Mum, homeschool, Cook and Clean. Is this my Dream life?
    No way – but everyday we are moving towards it…little steps at a time!
    Maybe I should look at Seek to see what direction I do what my passion to go 🙂



  • Merryl

    My Dream Job would be working with nanotechnology. It used to be science fiction, but now it is science fact and I’d love to be part of it.


  • Mary Preston

    I work in Early Childhood & it is my dream job. Everyday is an adventure. I can sing & dance & paint & play in the mud. In fact, it is encouraged. I am enjoying my second childhood.


  • Sam

    My dream job would be working on health promotion policy in my home state near my family – I was doing something close to this before I left Aus to travel last year. With a return flight looming sometime in the next few months I am left with the big question of choosing a job I want or living where I want….


  • Vanessa

    I’m working on working for myself in my dream job – I’m starting a company (launching in 10 days, so exciting, so much work left to do!) helping others to learn and run businesses & their careers in a unique way – using my training as an anthropologist to offer people the chance to learn how to assess and manage their lives, not just to offer simple situation-based answers like most training & consulting companies do.


  • Kellie @ Three Li'l Princesses

    My dream job was always to be a journalist and I lived that dream for 16 years. Now, I’m moving on and in the throws of developing my new dream business. At the moment it’s a straight PR business for mums, but I’m modifying it to become a digital PR and social media business. That would be my ultimate – and I also think it’s where the future is.
    Now to make it happen!


  • Gabi

    I honestly wish that my dream job was crystal clear, but I’m still exploring it. I know it lies somewhere in the field of health, but I’m still searching for it.


  • Melinda

    I am working my dream job! I have worked in retail from the age of 13 and now at 41 I can honestly say everything and everyone I have ever worked for have taught everything I am using in my position now. I have the most flexible employer who also understands about being a Mum with young children. I work three minutes from home, get paid great wages and many weeks make up my own roster.

    I love it!


  • Nicole O'Brien

    Not only do I do my dream job but I’ve started a new business where I’m an enterprise facilitator…I make other people’s dreams come true by providing motivation and inspiration and the know-how for people to follow their passions on careers outside of uni study…


  • Michelle Vamvas

    I am doing my dream job – being a mum! Although a close second dream job would be a luxury bed tester! I’d get paid to sleep in on the highest-quality beds, complete with luxurious bed linen, in hotels all around the world!!


  • Louise Mckinnon

    My job at the moment is a nurse which I love so much, but the opportunity has arisen for me to work in Dahab, Egypt as a dive master. I only started diving 3 months ago and it has become my passion and im now changing my life so i can dive more.. Who would have known…


  • Cate

    I am in both of my dream jobs at the moment. One that I have been in for 10+ years- being a teacher. Love that each day is never the same. It’s very challenging, but well worth it! My new job is being a Mum- fun in a different kind of way, but definitely CHALLENGING!!


  • Sandra D

    I am nowhere near working in my dream job which would be a job working with animals. Most likely in a zoo or theme park – I would love to be a tiger handler or something like that!


  • Alicia

    My dream job would be working in the media/pr industry. I have started working towards achieving that goal by completing half the required degree but it’s taken a backseat while I focus on being a mum to my 6yo, 4yo and baby bump.


  • michelle rivett

    My absolute dream is to be a published author, I’m currently in the middle of completing an online book writing course so fingers crossed 🙂


  • Mademoiselle Slimalicious

    My current job is definitely not my dream job. It is ok, I mean I’m getting paid fairly well for my level of experience, I am part of a great team, the company looks after us…but I don’t see myself doing this for the rest of my life (boring!).
    If I was to do it all over again I would study wine making/oenology. With my French background it would be a good fit.
    Otherwise I could study nutrition as it is a real passion and I would love to help people achieve their weight loss goals.


  • Chris

    I would have like to be a physio (I work in IT).


  • tamra childers

    Not working my dream job which would be working with animals maybe at a zoo.


  • Liz

    My dream job has always been to be a doctor – it’s taken me a while, and I’m not there just yet, but I’m currently studying a Medicine degree so will hopefully get there in quite a few more years!


  • Richard Watson

    My dream job is to run my own small company which works on creative and innovative new projects in videography. I am getting there slowly, but it will take some time to build up the portfolio and momentum required.


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