Life from a Hospital Bed

It is really depressing being a patient in a hospital. Especially when you are in a room with elderly people suffering from dementia.

It was so sad to see these women who were once like me, full of youth and vitality, living their dreams, and raising a family,  now don’t even know where they aree and have to wee in a bed pan.

I spent many minutes thinking about their lives and who they once were, and hoping that I be spared, not old age- because we can’t-, but the loss of my physical health and the demise of my mind and spirit.

It made me somewhat scared of what the future could hold for me. You just never know. All I can do is make sure I put my health as a priority-as it is my number one asset- and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

I have definitely been doing more of that since my surgery. I’m making life a lot more gentle.

Hospitals are difficult places to heal in because everyone is sick. How can you get better in this environment? That is why I can be often heard pestering the nurses to let me go home. I know I’ll heal better.

My pestering this time was a bit much, as they sent me home, and then called me to come back. There were a couple of things they forgot to do  before they discharged me. Oops!

I also spent a lot of time thinking about nurses and the amazing jobs they do. They don’t stop running, they don’t stop attending, they don’t stop caring. It would be a bloody hard job, so draining to be around sick people all the time and having to give so much.

I hate the government for not paying them more. They deserve it more than the stupid pay rises the politicians give themselves for jobs they don’t do properly.

Anyway looks like I may be going back to the hospital for more surgery. They didn’t do it properly the first time, nor the second. Let’s hope for third time lucky.

This time I am taking my computer and more books to read. At least I don’t have to be worried about the food, as I will be nil by mouth. In fact, one of the ladies in my room, had no idea where she was, but knew about quality food. I LOVED what I overheard her say to her son,

“I’ll be glad when I no longer have to eat second hand food.”


Here’s what life from a hospital bed looks like


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  • Kelly

    Cute pictures. But why are you in the hospital?


    • Caz

      I had to have surgery on an abscess that appeared from nowhere. Pretty painful stuff


  • Kelly Exeter

    You have to go back?!! Nooooo Caz that totally sucks 🙁

    I hate hospitals with a passion but agree with you that nurses are absolutely amazing


    • Caz

      Looks like it. Have an appointment next week with the surgeon. Hope they can get it right this time!


  • Lauren Fritsky

    I hope everything works out with the next surgery — you’re a tough lady!


  • Lisa Wood

    Hi Caz,

    Do you have to go back? Don’t mean to be too nosy but since I have seen “Don Tolman” speak about healing a body from within we havent been to a hospital or seen a doctor since?

    That was over two years ago….we have his books that tells us what to use for each body and what natural way to treat from within.

    With the abscess – is it on the breast? If so then there are natural ways to cure it without surgery??

    Have you looked at “organic honey” treatmenst?



    • Caz

      Thanks so much Lisa for the suggestion. i’ve never had anything like this before so it is scary territory for me. I do believe in natural healing and at the moment I am on a cleanse, and drinking lots of healing herbal tea and taking lots of spirulina.

      The nurses and doctors keep telling me that if it is not all cleaned out properly it will just keep coming back no matter what you do. My biggest concern at the moment is that we have big travel plans for this year and this could throw a spanner in the works if not cleared properly. so I guess this is making me want to have the surgery again to get it fixed and not risk anything. I think if i continue with the health treatments


  • Maid In Australia

    How awful to be in hospital, particularly over the festive season. I’m glad you’re home and on the mend now. Sending you lots of healing thoughts! x


    • Caz

      Thank you Bronnie. It was an experience


  • Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot

    Dear me Caroline, this is terrible. So sorry to read this and hope you make a full and speedy recovery. It’s so hard to take it easy when you have kids so hope you have plenty of grannies on board to help out.

    x A


    • Caz

      Thanks Annabel! Have lots of helping hands and am making a good recovery


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