The Dolphin Show at Sea World Surfers Paradise

I could have only seen the Imagine Dolphin Show at Sea World, Surfers Paradise and I would have been happy.
There is just something about dolphins.

I love their happy, friendly spirit, and they seem so full of life and so much fun. I could hug them as fiercly as I do my own children.

Watching the show brought me goose bumps as it reminded me just how magical and special life is. I mean look at these beautiful creatures and the incredible syncronised tricks they do.

I crave for the dolphins free spirit in my life.

imagine dolphin show at Sea World

Dolphin show at Sea World

Sea World Dolphin Show

Sea World Dolphin Show

Dolphin show at Sea World

imagine dolphin show at Sea World

dolphins jumping

hugging a dolphin

Love a dolphin cuddle?

Sea World Gold Coast

Surfing on a dolphin


dolphins jumping in front of a boat

imagine dolphin show at Sea World

reach for the skies

Dolphin show at Sea World


flying dolphins

Look Mum we can fly

smiling dolphin

Our new friend

dolphin friends



So precious

laughing dolphins

Dolphins at Sea World

Kalyra loved getting close to the dolphins

Have you had close encounters with dolphins before?

BTW- I am pretty stoked that I managed to take these pretty good shots on manual mode. I have just started learning how to do it and am gaining confidence. It is all thanks to Bethany’s ebook Getting Out of Auto (click link to read review)

getting out of auto photography ebook


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  • Jeremy

    Cool! I’m looking forward to swimming with dolphins later this month in New Zealand!


    • Caz

      Awesome!! I am jealous. you will have such an amazing time


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