Her Bottom Lip Quivered

There is so much I hae to write both here and on y travel blog about my experience at the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blogging Awards, and posts will be coming.

I have had other things to attend to first. Recovering from many party nights and travel nights of no sleep and spending time with my family who I desperately missed, and an unexpected and sudden surgery.

I could not wait to get home and give Kalyra and baby Savannah a big cuddle.

Kalyra picked me up from the station and filled me in on the excitement of her first ballet concert that I missed and then barraging me with questions about Kuala Lumpur.

Kalyras first ballet concert

Her first ballet concert as a fairy- so cute

My baby was tucked up sleeping peacefully in her bed, for two hours upon my return.

I just wanted to wake her up, hold her tightly to my chest and smell her sweet baby smell.

But I waited, hovering over her bed, willing her eyes to open.

Later, I heard scratching coming from her bed and I ran to her, waiting to be greeted with that big smile that takes over her whole body when she sees me.

She looked at me confused, looked away and then looked back.

She did not smile.

Her bottom lip quivered instead.

And mine almost did in return.

“Savannah it’s Mummy,” I scooped her up waiting for that smile.

The lip quivered and the tears welled up in her eyes, which she bravely held back.

In that moment I saw what they were there for.

It was relief and sadness all mixed into one. It was like now that I was home she was able to spill forth her confusion and fear. With no words to speak or ways to reason or understand, her little being one day noticed that Mummy was gone. And gone for a few days which to her probablly felt like eternal.

She could not ask why, or ever know that I was coming home in a few days, she just had to quietly accept that I was no longer around.

Did she battle with that undefined abandoned pain the whole time I was gone?

My heart broke for her and her little quivering lip.

She bravely fought it back, the tears of the longing and loss she must have felt followed by relief and happiness as she began to comprehend that it was not a ghost in front of her, but Mummy was back and did not leave her after all.


So good to be home with her

So much more in love with her I fell, as I saw that strong, loving spirit of hers rising to the surface.

The lips soon turned to smiles as I coaxed them back with my smiles and kisses.

We spent the rest of the day laughing and cuddling, both of us overjoyed at being reunited again.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Have you experienced this with your children after being separated from them before?

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  • Zoey @ Good Googs

    This is precisely why I was too chicken to leave Riley anywhere overnight until she was about 18 months old. But I also had no reason to either. This year my husband and I have a few trips and we will be leaving both of them for longer than we ever have before. Riley is nearly four now and copes really well with absences but I’m scared as to how Piper will go. She’s still so little!

    But I guess all you can really do is hope that all that love, attention and tenderness you’ve shown them will give them the resilience to cope with it.


    • Caz

      I think Piper will be okay. Just shower her with all the love and attention you can before and after. I think one good thing is that they learn you do come back, which is something really important for them to learn.

      I left her again when I had to go to the hospital. Even though I wasn’t gone for as long she seemed to cope okay. She’s as happy as anything now so no long term effects seem to be there


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