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I’d heard of the London Dungeoons as one of the things to do in London when I lived there in the late nineties.

AFter reading up about it now and looking at their website, I am not sure why I never went. It sounds like mad fun, even though a little scary.

I used to walk past the Jack the Ripper laneway near Fenchurch station on my way to work many a time and a little chill would run up my spine. I always found the tale of his crimes one of the most gruesome and scariest I had ever heard.

It’s a bit weird that, even though stories like these give us nightmares, we still have this fascination of them in wanting to learn more.  I always wanted to do the Jack the Ripper tour in London, but was a little too scared. Jack the Ripper is now part of the London Dungeon experience and would probably be an less daunting way for me to experience the story.

The London Dungeon is one of the more popular London attractions which recreates various gory and macabre historical events in a grimly comedic ‘gallows humour’ style, attempting to make them appealing to younger audiences. It uses a mixture of live actors, special effects and rides.

Some of the recreations include the Plague, Great Fire of London, the torture chamber, Sweeney Todd, Jack the Ripper (chills) a 5D laser ride and a Drop ride to Doom.

It does sound like a lot of fun in its scary uniqueness.

the london dungeons


Enter to win a free Family Pass to the London Dungeons

I have a free family pass to give away to the London Dungeons, for up to 2 adults and 2 children, which has a value of around 82 pounds.

To enter just leave a comment below telling me what event in history sends chills up your spine.

For extra entries, you can like my fanpage and/or sign up to my newsletter. Just be sure to pop back here and let me know that you have.

A winner will be chosen at random using

The competition is open to UK residents.

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Go ahead then, a fun tour of grim tales could be coming your way!

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  • Tracy Burns

    How bizarre – we are in London in just over a week! Can I jump up and down and say “Pick me pick me!”

    Jack the Ripper is up there with chilling stories. And the plague … I can’t imagine living through that and all the death and hysteria. But for me, what occurred at the Killing Fields and places like the S21 in Cambodia is probably the most chilling history event … probably because I went there last year and the memories are still fresh. There were rooms at S21 I just couldn’t enter as they sent too many chills down my spine. You could feel the pain and death coming out of those rooms. The pictures of kids the same age as mine, and mums with babies … I knew going there would give me nightmares but like you say, we still all seem to have a fascination to learn more.


    • Caz

      s21 was horrific. I could’t go to the Killing Fields after that, I was too traumatized.


      • Tracy Burns

        I went to the Killing Fields first, then S21. I couldn’t make it through all of S21 it was just too horrible.


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