I miss the Beach

I miss the beach

This might seem a pretty absurd statement considering that soft golden sand is now molding around my body and the sound of the waves gently lapping to shore fills my ears.

Kalyra is building sand castles and I am gazing to the rocky headland that juts out of the ocean on the other side of the curved bay, longing for the beach.

Kalyra building sand castles

Building sand castles

Not the beach as it is right now, me sitting here as a mother, but the beach of years ago when I was just me.

The days when I could lazily float on my back in the ocean or cuddle Craig while we swam about without any one to watch out for or tend to.

empowering quotes and phrases

relaxing without a care

The rocky headlands now just remain in the distant as I sit and pine for the times I could stand up and walk from one end to the other, or run if I so felt like it.

Now with strollers and bags, and little legs that demand to be carried, it is just too much of an effort.

“Race you back to Daddy, Mum”

Those little legs race back to where our piles of stuff remains.

She fusses with her towel while she straightens it and removes all the sand.

“I know, why don’t we lie together on the sand for a little while.”

I’m desperate to grab some of that time from long ago, when I could lie all day with a good book, a journal, a sleep if I wanted, or even a sunset beer.

“Yeah, that would be great” she squeals enthusiastically.

i miss lying in the sand at the beach

Just five more minutes

She lasts a minute before her active four year old brain is up ready to explore and play.

Ahh. How many years will it be before we can have those ME beach moments back?

“Going to the beach with kids is pretty hard hey?” Craig remarks as we walk up to the cafe to get Kalrya something to eat.

“I was just thinking that

Oh, how I miss the beach.

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  • Loulou

    Miss Cazzie

    Well I could fill your page with how much I miss the beach on my own and my couple days before our children.
    I won’t though. I try to remind myself how grateful I am to have the beautiful souls I have and to dig up the sand with.

    But I get you girlfriend – I get you!

    have a wonderful day

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog



    • Caz

      Yes. Digging up the sand is fun. Kalyra and I tried to dig to see what was on the bottom- it was a long dig!


  • Lisa Wood

    Yep I really miss my walks along the beach! How come kids have so much energy and can keep on going? Never did find their off switch….how come in the movie “Robots” they could find the babies off switch, and the baby stopped crying!!

    I am positive that all of my five boys took all of my energy when they were born…they are like on of those bunnies who never run out of battery!
    But gee they can sure build the best sandcastles you have ever seen!



    • Caz

      I need that switch that makes the baby fall asleep with no help needed!
      building the best sandcastles makes any trip to the beach worthwhile. I’m still trying to work on getting the moat right.


  • kirri

    I totally hear you Caz! Going to the beach is no longer a carefree whimsical activity…it involves planning and sometimes the need for a pack-horse (hubby!). Then there is always the issue of all the sand that comes home with us *sigh*.


    • Caz

      *sigh* Just one day is all I ask 🙂


  • Kelly carpenter

    Caz, I remember when I took only a book and a sarong!!!! Hopped on my tredly and plonked for hours on that beach!!!!!! Hon, I’m with you!!! although I’d feel like somethings missing!!!! Xx


    • Caz

      You are so right Kel! Whenever I have alone time, I do love it but I am always feeling like something is missing.


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