Sleeping Angels

Sometimes when my baby is sleeping, I pop my head over the cot right up to her face and just watch her tiny body.

Savannah sleeping angel

My baby angel

I wonder if she can sense my gaze, but she does not stir.

She lies there deeply in peace, visiting places I can never remember, but I am sure she does.

I wonder if, in her sleep, she touches base with where she came from, to discuss her path in life in the hopes that she will never forget it, which seems to happen to every single one of us once we awake from that newly arrived state.

And with every second that passes, my heart swells, like a giant balloon getting ready float above the clouds, with total and pure love.

“I would die, if anything were to ever happen to her.”

I put my finger under her nose just to check and send a silent prayer of thanks.

She is perfect.

I walk next door and place my cheek against the face of my older angel who now has a voice and a personality that I know so well through her thoughts and actions.

Kalyra sleeping

Big girl angel

Her snoring lets me know that she is sleeping peacefully.

I rub my cheek against hers, softly, so as I don’t wake her up.

I breathe in her essence and give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh how I’d die if anything happened to her.”

A soft kiss on the cheek for her, and a pitter patter back to Savannah for a gentle sweep of my lips against her forehead.

Who would ever want for anything more than to gaze upon the face of these sleeping angels?

Sleep well my precious and when you wake up may you remember the perfection you are and just why you arrived as a gift to us all.

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  • Veronica @ Mixed Gems

    It is a beautiful sight in itself but extra special after I’ve spent extensive time trying to get them to sleep. It is amazing how the frustration of those minutes leading up to them letting go can melt in an instant after I look at them sleeping peacefully. I’d still love to trade those frustrating moments for easy self-settling, but, ah well…….


    • Caz

      ha Ha It is all that more special when they finally fall asleep after a troubling time getting them down. that’s when you head for the wine straight after.


  • Laney @ Crash Test Mummy

    As you know, I’ve been feeling a bit wrecked lately. Last night after finally hitting my pillow, we were immediately woken by a screaming CrashBoy. Hubby tried first, to no avail. I went in to find him mid tantrum because Hubby wouldn’t let him come to our bed, “That way, Daddy, that way!”, pointing to our room. I scooped him up and was immediately rained on with his tiny fists of fury! Not to give up I cradled him and started to sing. “No, Mummy, no!” eventually became tired sobs. His breathing returned to normal and his lids started to close. Before I knew it I was holding my newborn baby in my arms again, not a feisty little two year old with a temper! Even though I was tired and wanted desperately to return to bed, I just stayed there a while, watching him. He opened his eyes one last time. I kissed him and said goodnight. He smiled and drifted off.


    • Caz

      Aw what a sweet story. They still melt your heart even when they are breaking it with their tantrums. I must admit, I felt a little relieved when I read your comment because your sons tantrum sounds just like Kalyra’s and I thought maybe she is not crazy afte all and perhaps just normal!!


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