I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

You have ruined me for life.

I cannot get you out of my head.

Nothing will ever compare to you again.

We met on a rainy Tuesday morning in a crowded cafe over breakfast.

My eyes lingered as I spied you across the table.

Back and forth my mind went from I must have it to knowing that it could not be good for me and will ruin my previous trusting relationship.

I could not help it, I tried, but my eyes were growing and my mouth salivating.

Eventually I caved into its luscious goodness.

“I want one” I asked

and he delivered.

Mocha Shaky isle cafe auckland

A mocha to lust after

Ruined me for life. The most delicious mocha I have ever had at The Shaky Isles Cafe in Auckland.

No coffee will ever taste this good again

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Would this mocha ruin your relationship with coffee?

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  • kirri

    Nothing like a perfectly brewed coffee….I like Tea but coffee is a once a day love.

    I’m salivating over the chocolate spear-thang…haven’t touched it in 25 days!


    • Caz

      You are doing good and sorry for tempting you! I literally wake up every morning craving one of these now


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