8 Things I love this week: Alicia Keys, Moving Forward, Carnival Cruises

Gratitude for this week. Here are 8 things I love:

Kalyra dancing

Love this

Moving Forward

Getting some positive news in relation to our blog’s progress to achieving our greater plan. It’s a stride forward in the right direction, but not completely over the finish line yet. Gotta celebrate all wins, no matter how small

Body Shop

Going to my sister-in-law’s Body Shop party and buying a heap of really cool new lotions and potions. Their products are so nice and smell delicious.

Song of the Week: Empire State of Mind II -New York by Alicia Keys

Love this song. It makes me feel like there is nothing I can’t do and inspires me to go out and do it. And it makes me want to go back to New York.

Carnival Cruises and Lunch at fancy Circular Quay Restaurant

We attended a lunch at Cruise Restaurant at Circular Quay to learn more about Carnival Cruises coming Down Under. They will be ready to sail October next year and have really cool features like the Green Thunder water slide, splash park and adults only Serenity Deck. I’m as keen as mustard to go on one.

Getting Fit and Losing Weight

I’m slowly shedding off some unwanted weight. It is very slow and taking me a lot of effort with some hard core training. I’m definitely feeling a little harder and much fitter. There is no greater feeling than to feel fit and healthy.

Inspiring Quote:

“No one could have crossed the ocean if he could have gotten off the ship in the storm.” Charles Kettering

Getting on top of the Bookwork

Are you like me and detest doing bookwork? It’s just not fun so I often leave it piling up. I can no longer stand the negative energy from the clutter so I cleared it out the other day by getting on top of it. What a task but I feel so much freer now that it is done.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Tell me what you loved in your world this week?

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  • Lauren

    1) making plans for upcoming trips to NYC & Vegas with gal pals
    2) running my heart out on Wednesday
    3) getting closer to locking down a dream possibility
    4) starting to formulate great back-up plans should the dream not work out
    5) planning to meet up with some travel bloggers in the new year – the power of twitter
    6) connecting with dear friends I don’t often see these days
    7) listening to forever by Chris Brown which gives me happy inspiration
    8) knowing that more people love me than I might even deserve!


    • Caz

      Thanks for sharing Lauren! so great to hear of all your wonderful news and your upcoming travel plans. Nothing like a girl’s getaway.


  • Lisa Wood

    Great to read about the things you love for this week! Congratulations on your weight loss, and getting the book work done! that must be the best feeling 🙂

    All the best for moving forward this week!



    • Caz

      Feels so freeing Lisa!


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