I’m Going to Miss Him

It’s only a few more days until Craig boards the plane to New Zealand to leave us for two weeks.

I’m really excited for him and for the opportunity and I try to focus mostly on this.

But then the reality comes creeping in and I feel sadness, as I realize I’m going to miss him.

Especially at this time in our lives. There is so much joy to have and share.

Craig and I rarely spend time apart. It’s always been that way; we’re each other’s best friend and tackle each day and its challenges as a team.

I’ll miss working beside him, planning and dreaming together, and spooning at night.

I know its only for two weeks, but I’ll still miss him.

rugby world cup in new zealand

He's coming

At least we have skype.

It’s just one of the small sacrifices you have to make for your dreams. And we have been workng so hard for them, we’d be foolish not to make the sacrifice.

It will be strange to be following the adventures of y travel blog as an active reader instead of a willing participant and creator. I can’t wait to see what he gets up to.

Just hurry home safe to us.

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  • Brenda Sedore

    I know exactly how you feel Caz. My husband is leaving for 8 weeks! It’s also a situation where we are sacrificing for our dreams, but oh it’s going to be so hard! I am staying in Italy while he goes to Sweden for a commitment we can’t get out of. We are joined at the hip normally so this is going to be brutal for us. My 20 year old daughter is coming to stay to help me get through the worst of it and so I’m not alone in this big old house. One thing that is helping is to plan fun things to do when he’s gone, like take my daughter to some amazing places like Assisi.

    Good luck to you and the girls. I hope the time flies fast. At least keeping busy won’t be difficult for you. 🙂


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