Stephen Joseph Gifts: Helping a Sick Girl Feel Better

Kalyra is sick yet again.

The problems that arise when one doesn’t want to eat vegetables. How can I ever get her to see that eating them will help prevent her from getting sick in the long run? A major parenting challenge.

I’ve tried to fool her with putting spirulina in her smoothies, but there is just something about that green colour that made her suspicious. Now I can’t make a smoothie or even buy her one without her pleas of

“Don’t put any of that Spirulina in it Mummy!”

I’ve had some lovely gifts here waiting for her from Stephen Joseph and thought what better time to perk up her spirits. They are bright and colourful, with divine designs perfect for those kids who are on the go. Kalrya is a diva who loves all things pink and sparkly.

We whipped out her new pink water bottle with flittering butterflies on it and her owl lunch box.

Stephen Joseph gifts

Loves her lunch box

She immediately perked up with claps of joy and wanted to pack her lunch box with food. Now instead of convincing her to take her medicine, I was convincing her to leave the lunch box empty until we went on a picnic or something.

Kalyra loves drawing. We usually have pieces of paper with her latest designs floating around the house everywhere. We now have a drawing book she can keep them all in, in one tidy space.

stephen Joseph gifts

Monkeying around

The ‘Art of Monkey Business‘ is just perfect for her artwork. I love the cheeky design on the front, it kind of inspires me to draw myself!

Her Stephen Joseph gifts were a hit and helped this little girl feel better. She was so excited that by the afternoon she was ready to get off the couch, pack her new water bottle and a picnic lunch in her lunch box and head down to the park. Her drawing book came with her which already has several pages full of her lovely artwork.

Thanks to Skeddadle Australasia and Stephen Joseph gifts for helping Kalrya feel better today.

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  • Lina@MothersLoveLetters

    Awwwww, pink water bottle!!!
    I’m not even going to attempt to give you tips on how to make her eat veggies. I’m not there yet, but I will turn to you when I am!


    • Caz

      Can’t wait till I find the easy solution


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