7 Things I love This Week

Meeting Targets and Goals

I’ve been speaking a lot lately of playing the waiting game and understanding that there is a lag time between setting your intentions and then receiving it. We had some pretty big goals for our travel blog that we had set and had been working hard to achieve.

We had to make some changes to get there, which meant we took a giant step backward for a month. This had to happen in order for the changes to occur. Boy was this hard to see though. It had us questioning our judgement and thinking we were going backwards.

Well this month has seen  those goals actually start to be realized just as we had intended. What a relief it is to see what you are working so hard for becoming your reality.

cooking with kids

I love cooking with Kalyra

Jessie J: Nobody’s Perfect (acoustic version)

I first heard this song as an acoustic version and now I don’t want to listen to it any other way. I absolutely love Jessie J. She is definitely the real deal and just oozes authentic coolness. She doesn’t have to try any gimmicks and antics to get attention like Gaga.

She is immensely talented, can really sing and is such a positive role model for our young girls. I have recently heard several interviews with her and she has impressed my with how down to earth she is and how much she takes her role as a singer that girls look up to seriously. She uses her platform in a positive way. Love her. And I wish our children had more role models like this.

Blog Post 50 Inspiring Entrepreneur Start up Quotes

I love inspiration gleaned from those people who have defied all odds to create their dreams. This post on 50 inspiring quotes from Start Up Entrepreneurs was exactly what I needed to read.  Always be careful who you listen to. Only listen to those who are where you want to be and who walk the talk.


“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass… it’s about learning how to dance in the rain”- Unknown


OMG!! I never thought i would ever say i love an Australian telecommunications company. But, I am impressed with their handling of a nightmare phone issue we were having with our Samsung Galaxys.

We tried, unsuccessfully to get help via the call centre. I sent out a tweet sharing my disgust. The twitter help team picked up on it and gave us outstanding customer service. They have sent us two new phones to try out until August when we can then upgrade to the phone of our choice. The HTC phone we were sent rocks the house.

Malaysian Food

seafood laksa

Yum! Seafood laksa

On Thursday evening we went out for a scrumptious Malaysian meal with some other wonderful bloggers for the Malaysian Ambassador Blogging Program. it was the first time we have had Malaysian food and it did not disappoint. It was absolutely delicious and further affirmed for us just why Asian is without a doubt the best food on the planet!!

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are you loving this week? Share in the comments below

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  • kirri

    That Jessie J acoustic version is just amazing! Skin-tingles 🙂
    Malaysian food is also a fave of mine but loving Optus might be taking it a bit far Caz!
    Although, I am on the hunt for a new ISP so maybe I will see what thay have to offer.

    What am I loving this week?
    Being healthy again after feeling a bit poorly and having my eldest sick at home for 2 days.

    A fab sat night with beautiful caring people that happen to be our neighbours (and champagne)

    Finally….an early morning trip to my local market where I bought some gorgeous fresh produce and a kilo of bananas for less than $6.

    Enough said…have a great week!


    • Caz

      I know!! Optus better enjoy that one, not sure how long my love with last but it is way more than the love I have for telstra. They’ll never make the list!!
      A kilo of bananas for less than $6 a kilo- that is something to celebrate. There still at around $12 here!


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