Thought of the week: How Old Are You Really?

Every Sunday, I pose a different thought for the week. Something to get our mind ticking over and opening it up to look at things in different ways.

I had a great response to last weeks thought about pushing the elevator buttons over and over again. My friend Christine from Cest Christine even tweeted me to let me know I am haunting her every time she presses the light button when crossing the road.

So this week’s thought of the week

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

For me this has always been 24. 24 was the year for me when I really found myself and my happiness and life just took off for me. I’ve always seen it as being the optimal age, and the age I really was inside.

Mojito mother

My age on the inside

I would really like to keep that youthfulness of spirit, vibrancy, curiosity, adventure and willingness to just be myself and combine it with the wisdom I have now at 35 and the unconditional love that being a mother taught me was a reality.

I think if I ddin’t know how old I was I would say I was 32.

And you? This is not much fun unless you share as well your thoughts to the question. Life is about sharing and learning from each other.

So share away, your thoughts are respected and valued.

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  • Andrea

    This is kind of a tough question for me…sometimes I feel like I’m about 24 or 25, but other times, like when all I want to do is crash on the couch and watch television on a Saturday night instead of going out partying, I feel even older than my real age (very early 30s). I think most people feel younger than they are at heart. Time wears on you and most people probably enjoy looking back to more younger, carefree days. I’ve actually enjoyed the last five years of my life more than my younger years. I feel calmer, with more things figured out and less drama than I had when I was younger.


    • Caz

      That is an interesting way of looking at it. How most people think of themselves as being younger as this is what they want to be. I think your thirties brings a lot more self assuredness with a different perspective on things. It’s nice, but I do miss those carefree twenties spent exploring and freedom


  • Christine

    Haha I really do think of you at the crosswalk–maybe this week I’ll consciously try to only push it once. I shall report back!

    This is a tough one–I just turned 23 last week, but everyone always thinks I’m older than I am (something that I’m hoping will stop after 30!). I’m an only child and I skipped a grade while I was younger, so I’ve always been surrounded by older people and thus act a bit more mature than my age–which I’m OK with. One of my favorite quotes, though, is: “You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair.”-Douglas MacArthur


    • Caz

      Oh I like this quote! What a great way to look at it. I think I will put this up on my wall to remind me to focus on those things that keep me young. I would have thought you were older than 23 as well, not for looking, but for wisdom and maturity- a good thing!


  • andy newbom

    great question Caz. I am 42 (june 10th) but I still feel about 32. I am not sure if I would say I am wiser but I am definitely older. Im still way to crazy. (we just left California to live in El Salvador with our five year daughter cause we wanted to) But you definitely make your age.


    • Caz

      I don’t think your crazy, I think you are living life and not letting anything stop you from living your dreams. So awesome to live. I love how you say cause we wanted to!


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