The sweetness and cruelty of Ducks Crossing the Road

Driving back from my parents this morning traffic was all jammed up along the main road. I poked my head out of my window to see what was happening when I saw momma duck and her little child waddling across the road.

I was touched by the sweetness of traffic stopping to let such an important part of nature go by.

I then thought of how I knew someone once who purposefully swerved across the road to run over a small defenceless animal, thinking it was a fun game.

What sort of a tortured soul would do such a thing? How must committing such a creul and callous act play on your conscious? Surely it would have some sort of an impact.

Animal cruelty

Sweetness of animals

I remember driving home on the back country roads from work in the US one afternoon when suddenly I heard a loud crack and a rise and fall of my wheels.

Instantly I panicked, knowing there was something I had hit. I looked out my rear view mirror and saw a turtle rolling  across the road.

I started to cry. And I cried the whole way home so devastated I was that I had hit that little creature trying to walk safely across the road.

How could anyone ever do that on purpose?

But then again, I don’t think twice about swatting a pesky fly, smacking a biting mosquitio or terminating a dirty cockroach.

Why is it that we feel okay to harm and kill these animals but not those that are a little larger and look a little cuter?

Does it only become callous and cold when we kill them just for sport and because we have nothing better to do?

One thing is for certain, human beings are the most complicated animals to ever try and work out.

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