My baby does not stop kicking

Pregnancy starts to feel more real for you when you feel the first fluttering of your baby moving about in your stomach.

I remember the first time I felt it with Kalyra, I was sitting at a friends place and I noticed some fluttering in my stomach similar to a butterfly flapping its wins. It was sparkly and I felt so excited.

This time, it felt more like popcorn popping and I knew exactly what it was and what to expect.

The little flutters and pops soon turn into fully felt kicks, punches, and somersaults.

It is the strangest feeling in the world but one that is so intensely satisfying and joyous. And in its weirdness feels so normal; like I’ve always had something rolling around within my stomach.

I can’t wait for it to get even weirder still. When Kalyra was in my tummy, I would spend hours watching my belly as moved about like undulating waves on the ocean.

“Oh my God Craig look at it. There it goes again, another tidal wave movement.”

Kalyra was a really active tummy tumbler, an active baby and an active toddler. This baby is even more of a gymnast. The kick boxing tournaments never end. It is even keeping me awake at times at night. Oh dear…. I could be in trouble.

I have heard that an active baby in the womb is the sign of a healthy baby. Well Kalyra has always been pretty healthy so this makes me feel comfort in being beat up.

The kicking and tumbling is always embraced and welcomed as it lets me know my baby is growing and playing and enjoying the warmth of her cocoon.

And it is her way of sending me messages. I knew when it was time to move from the slightly tightening waistlines of my pants to my stretchy maternity ones. She would kick and carry on a fuss until I undid the buttons and let it all flop on out.

I know when I need to quieten down or take the pressure of my hand saying hello off my belly. Kalyra was the same, and I loved her strong willed mind before I even met her.

She just may have a rival here with her little sister.

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