I don’t want Kalyra to have a job

I saw a tweet today about a mother who was nervous for her son’s upcoming job interview. I thought about how I would feel when Kalyra would one day go for a job interview, and all I felt was sheer dread.

I don’t want her to ever have a job. I want her to have a passion. And while I understand that having this passion may one day require her to have to have an interview, I know that if it is her passion she is chasing then there will be nothing to fear about it.

Kalyra living her passions

She loves merry-go-rounds

If you follow your passions in life then things always work in your favour. This is all part of the mojo magic. Ask any successful person and they will say the number one factor contributing to their success was that they were following their passions and loving what they do.

I don’t want Kalyra to be hunting down jobs just to get money so she can exist. This makes me panic. The money that flows into her life has to come as a by-product of her spending her days doing something that makes her heart sing.

It is up to me now, to teach her how to do this. And I can already see her little mind developing along that path.

Think Big about What you Can Do

I’ve written previously on how travel has opened up her mind to all the options that are available to her. She is always thinking big, getting excited about new adventures and explorations, and saving and planning for these in the future.

We don’t encourage her to use the word can’t. We turn that around instead to “We can try”, or “How can we make it work?”

Involve her in our projects

Kalyra writer or artist

A future writer or artist

We talk to Kalyra all the time about what we are doing on the computer. When we go on press trips for our travel blog, we let her know what it is for and why we are going. One time it started a discussion that inspired her very first blog post idea, “What can you write about fries?” which mummy wrote for her. I showed it to her and read it aloud when it was published. She was stoked.

To help her understand that money comes from helping others and doing things you love, I am going to pay her for any more post ideas she has. That will go in her Disneyland piggy bank.

Educate her on the Magic Mojo

When Kalyra was four days old she attended her first wealth building and mindset seminar. I had tickets to the 3-day event and she decided to be born 2 weeks early. After getting permission from the organizers I was allowed to bring her with me.

She lay in my arms the whole time, and when she was hungry, I walked outside to sit with Craig and feed her. He spent the days in the gardens  just in case we needed him.  I truly believe all the positive mindset information she was subconsciously absorbing at such a young age will really help her in walking the path of her passion. During the conference the positive, happy vibe from the hundreds of attendees was such a great environment for her to be in.

We have carried that through her life by surrounding her with positive thoughts and vibrations. We repeat affirmations together and whenever she asks if she can do something that she loves later in life we always reply with “Of course you can” No limitations.

Get excited about her following her passions

We always do our best to encourage Kalyra’s interests and passions. She has started ballet this year. She has always loved to dance,sing and perform as you can see from Kalyra living out loud and this video dancing in the park in New Orleans.

She loves to travel, which is never a hard thing for us to encourge for her, and she has recently discovered a passion for cooking which gives me some wonderful mummy daughter time, and is forcing me to think more creatively in the kitchen.

Who knows what future vocation might be born from encouraging and supporting her passions at such a young age?

Your Turn to Share Tips:

How are you encouraging and supporting your child's future vocations?

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