An accident and a Mother’s love

Kalyra was shaking her little booty in a game of musical bumps when I arrived to pick her up from pre-school today. The music stopped and she dived to the ground quicker than a frog onto a lily pad. Mid-dive she saw me enter the room and jumped up just as quick and flew into my arms.

The greatest part of my day is when I first see my baby girl after some time apart. I gave her a big “I missed you so much” squeeze and then patted her slightly wet bum.

“Sweetie, why is your bum wet?”

She whispered oh so softly, “I weed my pants.”

“When honey?”

“In the bathroom.”

“Oh did you not make it in time?”

A shake of the head.

“Did you tell the teacher?”

“No. I was waiting for you to come.”

A mother's love

How I love this girl!

My heart broke. My little sweet shy girl was too embarrassed for anyone other than her momma to know.

Giving her the biggest hug, I popped her on the ground.

“Sweetie, it’s okay. It’s only an accident. These things happen. But you have to tell the teacher so she can put dry clothes on you. Mummy doesn’t want you to be wet and uncomfortable. Come and have a look in your bag.”

I pulled out her dry clothes to show her they were in there waiting for her in case anything happens.

“Let’s get you changed now.”

“Can we do it later? ” a nervous tremor.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. Mummy will change you in the car. Will that be better for you?”

A gentle nod.

As we walked out hand in hand, down the quiet safety of the center path she confided, “I cried a little bit.”

“Oh, baby girl.” Another big squeeze.

“Did the teacher not see you?”

“They were putting the beds away.”

“Darling, next time you go and tell them you need your help, you don’t have to worry. You can even go and get your clothes and change them yourself. You are that clever. I’m sorry you felt so sad about it.”

More cuddles and we quickly changed her into her dry clothes in the car.

I felt so sad that my baby girl needed me and I wasn’t there to help her. She must have felt scared and alone, preferring the uncomfortable wetness to the uncomfortable feeling of letting someone know she had an accident. My heart breaks so easily now that I am a mother. A love like this will do that.



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  • Elise

    This really shows me what a mothers love is like. So fierce and pure. I can’t wait to be a mum and the way you write about it makes me all the more happier to see how wonderful it is to be a mum (even though your little girl broke your heart- and the things she will put up with just to have her mum there to help her). I can’t wait to be a mojito mother but for now I will live vicariously through you 🙂 Thanks Caz


    • Caz

      Thanks Elise, there is no love like it. I think my heart will be forever breaking. I so appreciate your support!


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