Time to see the beauty underneath

One thing I love about travel is that it catapults me into the natural world every day. My favourite adventures are those that involve walking through forests and lazing on powdery white sand.

It’s why I feel most alive, connected, and at peace when I travel. Daily hugging of trees will rebalance you!

Nature is my greatest teacher. I learn more from the whispered stories of the trees and the beating of a bird’s wings then I do from any talking guru.

Trees teach me about core strength, resilience and patience; water, flexibility and inner power; and the mountains about majestic steadfastness.

One afternoon on a walk through the Ben Boyd National Park, a clearing opened and we stumbled upon this.

Pinnacles Ben Boyd National Park

Here the mountain opened up to bare its soul. Once again a lesson from nature stretched out before me.

Underneath the thorny brambles, rocks, weeds and trees lies a hidden beauty we rarely dig deep enough to find.

Oh my freaking god.

Do all mountains look like this on the inside? What else is in the core that we don’t know or pay attention to?

Underneath all of our outer coverings and weedy faults lies a perfect beauty replicating the purity of where we come from.

Turn inward a little more to find it and crack it open for the whole world to gaze at in wonderment.

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How does nature teach you?

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