Let’s talk about Michael Buble and sacredness

Let’s talk about Buble. He’s hot, he’s charming, he has a voice of velvet and a sense of humour that will break down the barriers or any hard core alpha male to within seconds start tapping their feet to the tunes .

Because they know it oozes charisma and the chance to land any foxy female they choose in bed.

Yes. That is the power of the Buble.

That is the power of anyone who discovers the perfect formula for making the Universe work in your favour.

It’s true electric power.

When Buble was growing up he recognized the calling within him to sing. Obviously he had the talent, and he had the burning desire to do it, but, the need within him to satisfy the opinion of everyone else told him he needed to pursue the path of rock stardom.

So he tried. But, each time he did, all he heard within him was the voice of spirit singing the tunes of Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick JNR.

DAMMIT! H’e cry. I just want to be a cool rock star.

I want the chicks to dig me.

The thing that truly moved him continued until he could no longer deny that the music was choosing him. Spirit was calling him to do what he really was made to do. Croon.

Croon in the new millennium.

Buble decided not to override the crooner in him and allow spirit to express itself through his talents.

And now look

He causes you to stay home on a Saturday night curled up next the the fire with a glass of wine, wrapped up in the arms of the man you love. Both of you are filled with warm fuzzy feelings as you watch his stories unfold.

Both of you are thinking, man, I would like to be like him.

Mostly because his soul is set on fire with just living the life he was called to live, no matter how uncool everyone thought of it. And because he followed his soul he reached the ultimate level of coolness- living true authenticity and making people happy.

You can’t ever ignore the voices within calling you to align with your talent and so set your soul on fire. It doesn’t’ matter how much you think you can or you can’t or how you should be doing what everyone else is so you don’t look different or stupid.

It’s called stepping into your sacredness. If your soul is dreaming it, you have to live it because it is the best way you serve.

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